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Lawman Duruji Explodes Accuses Imo Speaker Of Masterminding His Ouster From House Of Assembly

A Former Speaker and the Court of Appeal ousted honorable member that represented Ehime Mbano State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Lawman Duruji has made more revealing facts surrounding his exit from the State legislature.

He seems not to have laid to rest the matters and events as they concern his ‘undeserved’ removal by the Court of Appeal in what he best described as the highest level of judicial rascality of all times.

Not only had he prayed that the wrath of God will descend on those who played significant roles in his removal, but he has also named the Imo State Speaker, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins as the arrowhead that masterminded his removal.

It would be recalled that Rt. Hon. Lawman Duruji was a vocal member of the Imo 8th House of Assembly who his legislative prowess while in the Houses still speaks volumes of his person. 

To an extent, he rose to the most coveted position of Speaker before his reelection into the House in the 2019 general elections.

He was also a frontline contender for the Speakership position. A position he almost secured but for the insistence of the PDP led Executive arm under Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha tenure imposed Chiji on the House as Speaker.

However, in what appeared to be a shocking revelation, Rt. Hon Lawman Duruji accused Chiji Collins of being the architect of the judicial suffocation that led to his removal through the appeal court, even as he pointed out that the singular act has left Ehime Mbano in anguish following the vacuum his absence from the House has created.

A public opinion carried out showed that the removal of the Ehime Mbano born astute Lawmaker remains a brunt akin to the enduring taste of an undeserved hurt to the good people of Ehime Mbano. 

He alleged that the then State Executive took over the Appeal Court matter of the APC with seeming fake results and conspiracies with the Justices who delivered a kangaroo judgment without recourse to facts as clearly evidenced before it. He swore to make copies of the judgment public to show Imolites how the judiciary ridiculed itself.

Fielding more questions from newsmen, Rt Hon. Lawman Duruji said,

“Chiji Collins was my colleague in the 8th House without a single bill or motion standing in his name. He was a dormant member and knew nothing about parliamentary business to the extent that he never attracted a single project to his Constituency. Even today as Speaker he hasn’t responded to his Isiala Mbano people let alone other constituencies in Okigwe that have suffered because of his inept and passive representation”.

He continued, “One of the big mistakes made by former Governor Emeka Ihedioha was the imposition of Chiji Collins as Speaker, even when it was allegedly reported that oath administered on him by a house member and confirmed he filled fake credentials in INEC form CF001, which automatically disqualified him from occupying public office”.

The former Lawmaker recounted with bitterness how Chiji Collins fought hard to silence him and other members from the zone when petitions against his credentials mostly from his peers, associates and kinsmen flooded the House, stressing that attempt by a committee he headed to investigate the matter after NYSC wrote to the House, inviting the Speaker and  Clerk to Abuja irked the Speaker who declared him an enemy.

Duruji maintained that the Speaker whose anti-democratic tendencies became manifest on emergence turned intolerant of opposing views and could not stand dissent opinions from his colleagues which he said is a major parliamentary ingredient.

“The Speaker became restive as the agitations for the investigation of his credentials kept rising with strong indications on ground that he not only parade a fake PhD but also fraudulently exempted himself from national service”.

“The Speaker fully aware that the basic requirement to contest for House of Assembly is WASC, and having shot himself on the foot by filing fake credentials got provoked by my resolve to investigate the matter, then descended on me and other ranking members. He went ahead to strip the ranking members of their rights and privileges. And equally relieved them of juicy committee positions”.

In a related development,  the ousted legislator noted that the Speaker having failed to shut him down on the certificate saga through death threats and suspension by proxy resorted to parliamentary intimidation, coercion, harassment, and political assassination to secure the support of the government to oust him from the House through a matter that was ongoing at the time in Court of Appeal. The PDP led government relied largely on the false information and backed the judicial action against me and my people.

According to the vibrant Ehime  Mbano born politician, ” I have all my evidence intact that Chiji Collins got the Executive endorsement through instilling fear on them that I was a grand opponent of the government and its policies.  And that I have the capacity and tendency to truncate government bills on the floor of the House. He misled the government and they believed him. Unaware that Chiji Collins, the “Papa Doc Duvalier” of the 9th House just wanted to cover his tracks and derail the process of investigation of his alleged fake credentials.

Duruji added, “The plot included the nomination of an ad-hoc committee instead of the ethics and privileges committee of the House headed by the then Governor’s foot soldiers and an instruction that the committee dies at the very moment of inauguration and withdrawal of the invitation of the publisher of Bigtruth newspapers who first alarmed the public that the Speaker parades fake credentials.

Secondly to do all to oust me from the House through an influenced judicial process then at the stage of Appeal. I have evidence of how the Speaker and the Aboh Mbaise Member Eddy Obinna championed the financial inducements that led to the most bewildering judgment that brought the man who came to a distant  4th position in the election to replace me in the House.

Chiji Collins may have a pyrrhic victory over me and also over his attempt to occupy public office without satisfying compulsory legal requirements, but this cannot be forever as karma will meet him midway and the truth will no longer be hidden. I have all the facts and details of my allegations.

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