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Imo North Bye Election:

AA Candidate Vows TO Make Difference

…Appeals With Electorate To Support Ambition   

Ahead of October 31st bye-election for Okigwe zone, the Action Alliance Candidate, Ogueri has vowed to make a difference if elected by the people.

This is even as he appealed with the electorates to vote him assuring that they would not regret that.

Ogueri disclosed this through a press release from his media team which was made available to Lead Newspapers.

The Eagle is usually referred to as the king of all birds because the Eagle is not only wise and of high class but very beautiful.

Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri the indisputable choice and candidate of the Action Alliance (AA) in the forthcoming Imo North (Okigwe Zone) Senatorial bye-election, is the exact likening to the Eagle in all ramifications when compared with candidates of other parties.

Dr. Ogueri is one man Okigwe people will enjoy if he represents the Zone as the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria because he has a sound and towering pedigree. Apart from his sound pedigree, Ogueri is kind hearted and very humane. His humility too is highly infectious.

Dr. Ogueri, who hails from Umuduruagwu, Okohia Autonomous Community in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, is a medical doctor based in the United States of America (USA). He has, through his medical profession, established a foundation known as Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri Foundation, through which he has touched the lives of so many of his people, especially the indigent, less privileged and downtrodden ones. He has equally done a lot to assist his people in community development.

Ogueri is one man who has a great passion for human development and so he has a knack for educational development, as he has offered scholarships to so many of his people. He has a feeling akin to the philosophy of the legendary late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who was the first person to introduce free education when he was the Premier of Western Nigeria, who once said that “man is the prime mover of every economy; develop man and you develop the economy.”

Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri,  the AA Okigwe Senatorial candidate has that human development proponent of Awolowo as his avowed concern to bring about development to his people. The zeal he has to bring about development in Okigwe Zone is like the kind of zeal late former Governor of the old Imo State Chief Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe had, with which he massively developed the old Imo State.

In his acceptance speech, after he emerged as the AA flag bearer at the Police Field, Okigwe last week, Dr. Ogueri said: “It is not about me. It is about developing the Okigwe Zone. I am not wanting to go to the Senate to serve my personal interest. I came out to be elected so as to go and attract dividends of democracy that will better the lives of my people and bring about rapid development of Okigwe Zone. I am not saying that those who went there before me did not do well. I am rather out to add a lot more to better our Zone.”

Ogueri shows much eagerness to bring about rapid development of Okigwe Zone as he promises to focus so much on agriculture and education of the people. He is also mindful of the infrastructural decay in Okigwe Zone and so promises to attract infrastructural development by fixing the bad and dilapidated roads of Okigwe Zone as well as bring about adequate electricity and good potable drinking water for the people.

Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri, in the eyes of those who have come in close contact with him, is an easygoing gentleman who takes others as he takes himself; who will not at any time wish to hurt the feeling of his fellow being. He is a selfless person who thinks more about how to solve the problem of someone else than think of his own problem. He is a painstaking, meticulous, forthright and downright personality who will always strive to do things right for the benefit of his people and humanity.

It is, therefore, a thing of pleasure that the National Chairman of AA Hon. Adekunle Rufai Omoaje, while declaring Dr. Ogueri as the AA candidate for the Okigwe Senatorial bye election, said that Ogueri beat other candidates who were investigated by the party, which made the AA not to waste any time to adopt him to bear the flag of the party in the coming Okigwe Senatorial bye election.

Ogueri, in the same acceptance speech after the AA primary election, appealed to all Okigwe sons and daughters to vote for him, irrespective of party affiliations,  as a better and more credible alternative. True to his talk, Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri is a better and more credible alternative to lead Okigwe Zone to the much desired socioeconomic promise land, when compared with candidates of other parties for the election.

When you crosscheck all that Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri Foundation has been able to do for the people, his philanthropic gestures and his developmental initiatives for his people and community, you will then imagine what he is set to do for Okigwe people when he represents them at the Senate.

Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri is not the kind of bread and butter politician we have in the country. He has said that his going to the Senate is not to serve his selfish interest, and he can not be far from the truth. For one thing, he is coming from the background of a disciplined society with sound and descent democratic tenets.

He has imbibed so much discipline in him that when coupled with his excellent and sound nature, will make the difference while bringing to Okigwe Zone the kind of representation never experienced in the Zone.

To vote for Dr. Emmanuel Ogueri, simplicity personified, in the forthcoming Okigwe Senatorial bye-election is, therefore, the best thing that will happen to Okigwe Zone now. The star studded personality is ready and willing to deliver the goods to the benefit of all in Okigwe Zone when he occupies the Senatorial seat of Imo North (Okigwe) Senatorial District at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Abuja.

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