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Imo Govt Appoints Calistus Nwoha Market master Orlu International Market

Mr. Calistus Nwoha has been appointed as Market Master, Imo International Market, Umuna, Orlu local government area, Imo State.

Calistus Nwoha took over from Barr Sergius Nwadike who is a PDP member by the approval of Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Barr Kingsley Ononuju, on 24th April 2020, at the Market Area.

The handover was witnessed by the Officials of the Market who kept social distance as the Gate of the Market was under lock and key at the instance government to keep safe from coronavirus pandemic.

Handing over the document to the new Market Master, the Outgoing Market Master, Barr Sergius Nwadike, explained that the “authority of APC has terminated my Office as Market Master, Imo International Market, Umuna Orlu, on 16th Day of April 2020 and asked me to officially handover to Mr. Calistus Nwoha who is an APC member, Umuna Ward. I congratulate him and thank the Market leaders for enduring with my Office”, he said.

In his inaugural speech, the new Market Master of the Imo Market International Market, Umuna, Orlu, Mr Calistus Nwoha, said he would discharge his duty with the best of his ability, human face and more importantly with the fear of God in order to move on.

Nwoha who vowed he would always work creditably with officials of the Market to improve fortune thanked Governor Hope Uzodimma and Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Barr Kingsley Ononuju for their efforts in advancing the economy of Imo State through commerce and industry.

According to him, “I promise to discharge my duty with my best ability, with a human face and the fear of God to push the Market on. Today, being 24 April 2020, I officially received a hand- over document as the new Market Master of Imo International Market, Umuna Orlu.

“And I assure the Governor and Orlu people that I will not disappoint them as I will work creditably and cordially with everyone”.

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