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… Describes Party As Walking Corpse

… Admits Receiving Average Of  N8B Since Assumption Of Office

Imo State Government has made a mockery of the PDP in the State following its latest allegation that the Government of Uzodinma has received N175billion as Revenue since assumption of office in January yet finds it difficult to pay workers salaries amongst others.

Reacting to the said allegation, the Imo State Commissioner for Information, Declan Emelumba described the allegation as unfounded, baseless, and fabrication targeted only to discredit the government of Uzodinma which according to him is poised in giving Imo the much desired but eluded good governance.

In a press release signed by Emelumba and made available to Lead, Emelumba while describing Imo State chapter of the PDP as dead and a walking corpse revealed that Imo state government under Uzodinma has received an average of N8billion since assumption of office as against the allegation of N175Billion being peddled by a dead PDP in Imo.

Imo state commissioner for information and Strategy,  Declan Emelumba, has described the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as a dying party that is gasping for breath and burdened by doomsday trauma and hallucinations which accounts for its latest disjointed, infantile and puerile allegations against the state government.

Emelumba who was reacting to claims by the state chairman of PDP, Martin’s Ejiogu that the government was goading Traditional Rulers in the state to a public protest to invoke sympathy over a court case said such childish statements clearly show that the PDP has been drained of existential oxygen and  has become a ghost of itself

He explained ” Only a dying political party can wake up in between gasps for air and issue such an empty statement. The statement is unfounded, baseless, and infantile. It represents a disgraceful juvenile attempt at fabrication of lies and it is only a dying political party like the PDP that can engage in such shameless enterprise”

According to him, it is natural for a party that suffered severe shock over the unprecedented defection of its members to the APC, including almost all of its state executive, to be as confused as the PDP is presently, adding that the party should however not make a public show of its traumatized state by making kindergarten statements devoid of substance.

On the allegation that the government has received N175B allocation in seven months with nothing to show for, the commissioner said that even a blind man who lives in Imo state will not make such dumb allegation as the government never received such amount but has notwithstanding constructed and reconstructed many roads, revived Adapalm, brought the moribund Otamiri waterworks back to life after 25 years in comatose as well as meeting all its financial obligations to both the workers and Pensioners.

He noted that since January the average monthly federation allocation to the state has been ₦8b, adding that available data from the federation accounts committee will readily show that.  He, therefore, wondered how a confused PDP arrived at the ₦175b  seven months allocation it is shamelessly banding about.

He said unlike the Ihedioha administration which abandoned governance using the rain as an excuse, Uzodinma has been working all round including attracting Julius Berger to do roads in the state.

Emelumba said it was however salutary that PDP has acknowledged that the government has saved money from ghost workers which the previous administration used as a conduit pipe to drain the resources of the state in connivance with so-called consultants.

But he said PDP ought to be pitied because the “latest ranting by the drowning party is just meant to divert attention from the monumental fraud its henchmen committed in the office such as the N73B which a whistle Blower said Ihedioha used in the construction of his many mansions at the civic center and Udenwa estate in Owerri, his Buckingham palace model building in his village and his hotel in Abuja in all of which work has stopped with his ouster as governor.  They also have hanging on their neck the misappropriation of N19.3B local government funds now being investigated by the House of Assembly.

“They are afraid that the day of reckoning is here and they think they can escape justice by diverting attention from their wicked looting of lmo funds. But this latest antics will not save them”, he submitted.

The commissioner added that the government has no reason to procure traditional rulers or any group for that matter to protest on its behalf over a court case that is dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP has asked the traditional rulers of Imo State not to participate in the planned protest which they are preparing to indulge in, as it will ridicule the revered institution.

This was stated during a press conference organized by the PDP at the party secretariat Okigwe road, weekend.

Speaking during the event,   the state chairman of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, Sir Martin Ejiogu said, that the governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma has compelled the royal fathers to embark on an unbefitting and unedifying public protest over the ordeals and travails of the current administration in the hands of various entities who have found reasons to challenge the legitimacy of the current government to remain in the office of Governor of Imo State.

According to him, our royal fathers must not be coerced and compelled into such conduct as a public protest for a matter that is purely that of Senator Uzodinma, that is capable of bringing shame and disgrace to not only them but also to the State.

The party told newsmen that this administration has received about #175.7 billion as revenue and Federal allocations for the state and local governments but has nothing to show for it. The Chairman added that the administration is struggling to pay salaries and pensions despite that huge sum of money.

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