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Imo Government 100 Days in office: Achievement, strength, weaknesses, And the Need For Daily Review.

By Peter Dibia – 08137847696.

According to my government teacher in my secondary school days, checks and balances are the foremost characteristics of democracy. While one of the moral lessons, I learned was that, in a democratic government,  the people are the strength of the government. This simply means that for any government to move forward the people must be happy not only with activities of government but also with the man at the helm of affairs of that government

What are the achievements of Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma in his 100 days in office, one may be wondering?

Just like a wristwatch in the hand that needs no mirror to check its time, Uzodinma 100 days in office has proved wrong the doubting Thomases, who believed that he came to govern Imo State without any agenda.

Upon his assumption of office as the 8th elected Governor of Imo State Senator Hope Uzodinma visited the Imo State Secretariat Complex where water has not run for years. He immediately gave executive order for the water to be restore. Within two days, water was restored amidst  jubilations among the staff. As if that was not enough, he doled out 118 new brand vehicles to the Permanent Secretaries of Ministries and also promised each of them of owning a house after their years of service to the state.

On appointing his cabinet, he used it to prove to many that there is a reward for being a consistent follower of a political leader, as he appointed his loyalists in his appointment, many of which are from CampHope Organisation World Wide. Recalled, during his swearing-in ceremony at the Hero Square, Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika said that his administration will be anchored on 3Rs which means Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, and Recovery of  Imo State from its lost glory.

The Governor who is in a hurry to transform Imo State swung into action by appointing and swearing in 24 Commissioners and 93 Aides, a step from a progressive mind to accommodate a government of shared prosperity among her citizens. Everybody was happy with it why some said he should have accommodated others in his appointment, but Uzodinma being a man full of wisdom did not listen to them but acted on the adage that says he that “Work Let Him Eat”.

On workers’ salaries, he informed all that, Imo State workers henceforth will be receiving their salaries from the 25th of every month which was implemented with immediate effect. On Security,  Uzodinma has rolled out more than 100 Innoson Pick Up Vans for operation SEARCH AND FLUSH, comprising of all security personnel in the state coming together as one to fight crimes and other forms of criminality in the State.

Everybody staying around the Owerri metropolis can agree with me that during the time of the sacked Governor Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, Imo State became a place where refuse greets you good morning every day which prompted Hon Uche Ogbuagu to cry out, but upon the assumption of office as the new governor of Imo state, Uzodinma appointed  Hon MacDonald Ebere as GM of Entraco which made Ndi Imo have fresh air. As if it was not enough, the number one citizen of Imo constituted a  task force committee to evacuate all manner of debris within and outside Owerri Municipal, headed by the Honourable Commissioner of Environment, Dr.Iyke Njoku. Within 24 hours people in the State have begun to breathe in natural oxygen and that has created an atmosphere that promotes and prolongs lives and healthy living.

On-road contracts award, Uzodinma who understood that government is all about continuity asked the contractors handling some of the roads awarded in the state by the sacked Governor to continue work. Many commended him for such a decision. In order to monitor the contractors, he inaugurated a road project monitoring task force team under the leadership of the Deputy Governor of Imo State Prof. Placid Njoku.

On Education, Uzodinma promised to revamp the decay educational system in the state, In achieving this the Executive governor invited all the stakeholders in the education sector of the state to brainstorm the way out.

On power and energy, he appointed Comrade Sam Chuks Nwaire as his special adviser (SA) on Power and Energy, a retired Civil servant with many years of experience in the power and energy sector. Speaking to me at the government house,  Comrade Nwaire said he will put in his best and bring out his wealth of experience to achieve great results in the Power and Energy sector, as His Excellency embarks on his journey to rehabilitate, reconstruct and recover Imo state from it lost glory. On more appointments,  many commended him for rewarding consistency cum strict adherence of followership seeing in the life of high Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu Omeogo na Orlu who is the general overseer of camphope organization worldwide as his special adviser and other men of timbers and calibers.

Shortly after his appointees’ inaugurations, the world was hit with a pandemic called coronavirus, the Governor, who is committed to the safety of Imolities, immediately instituted a task force committee, with Professor Maurice Iwu as  Chairman and some other medical experts to fight this dreaded Virus that kills within a twinkling of an eye.  On the verge to protect Imo people from the ravaging pandemic virus called Corina virus, the Imo State Government, under the headship of Most Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma, launched  Operation ‘Search and Flush, Six Covid-19 Isolation Centres and an emergency number 112 for the quick response. This isolation center in Imo State also served as testing centers for the covid19 pandemic.

Let me seize this opportunity to inform you, my inestimable readers, that this isolation centers include: Okigwe General Hospital, Aboh Mbaise General Hospital, Orlu General Hospital, Federal Medical Centre Owerri, General Hospital Umuguma and the Ultra-Modern Woddy Isolation Centre, Orlu Road, Owerri.

Still determined to keep Imo State healthy and safe, the Governor commenced fumigation exercise across the nooks and crannies of the state. This was in addition to his measures to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic which is ravaging the world from finding its way into the state.

Having listed his giant strides, permit me also to dwell on his weakness. One of the much talked and discussed Uzodinma was the appointment of his SA’s and SSA’s for one month now without portfolios. Many have asked what was wrong while some are of the opinion that his aides are much. On the issue of ENTRACO,  the Governor appointed a task force to help remove debris around the state but unfortunately, they are not working as refuse bins are now dancing around Imo State as flies sing for them.  

Many are of the opinion that Uzodinma 100 Days in office, has shown that Imo state is in a safe hand.

“Indeed is a New Dawn. To God be the glory”

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