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Imo Foundation Protest 15 Months Arrears Of Salaries

Staffers of Imo foundation on Wednesday barricaded their office complex entrance on a peaceful protest decrying nonpayment of their 15 months salary owed by the state government adding that the situation has caused one of their colleagues to lose her 16years, old daughter.

Some of the inscriptions on their placards read, “Death today at Imo foundation, “Imo government come to our rescue no salary since May 2019″ Imo foundation staff are been threatened with Police by DG” Pay Us Our 15months Salary, among others.

One of the staff Mr. Duke Obiora who narrated their ordeal said, we are aggrieved today because one of us lost her daughter due to nonpayment of salaries since one year and three months we have not received any salary, our DG Mrs. Beulah Chukwuma have basically done nothing about it, she said we should go to the government and collect our salary that she was not the person that employed us, yet she had mandated us to be coming to work throughout the Covid19 period.

The lady in question who lost her 16 years old daughter has been coming to work every day begging for money to treat her child, now the girl is dead and we are not happy about it.

Another staff of Imo foundation Mr. Val Osuji revealed that the DG has been threatening them with sack despite they are still been owed.

“We, therefore, appealed to the state government do something about our salary, we must not all died before something is done, he stated.

Sir Dr. Amos Agwam one of the patients receiving treatment at the foundation frowns at the attitude of the management stressing that if they can no longer receive medical treatment at the foundation it means that the government has failed the masses.

Every effort made to reach the Director-General of Imo foundation Mrs. Beulah Chukwuma proved abortive as she declined to speak with journalists.

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