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Imo at a Glance: Need to Maintain Environmental Cleanliness

By Chika Uju

Imo State is known as the Eastern Heartland. A land that is full of hospitality with good humans who believe so much in productivity: education, entrepreneurship, commerce, and industry.

Having Owerri as its capital city with beautiful cities at Orlu, Okigwe, Oguta, Nkwerre, Njaba, Isu, Mbaise, Mbano, Ideato, beautifying the State of Imo.

Imo has been a neat State, but now it is degenerating to an epidemic state caused by Waste disposals which are often ignored by authorities.

The rate of waste disposals in Imo is alarming and needs to be checked by the government so that it won’t look as if the sophisticated people of the state are now dirty, only being clean and neat in appearance while the environment causes health hazards to people, mostly those living at such areas.

Some areas in Owerri Municipal Council and environs are dirty. I wonder if local government authorities at local government areas of Imo exist.

 I equally wonder if the Ministry of Works and Environment exists to check dirt and see to evacuating dirt in the State.

At times too I wonder what they do with the allocation given to them to man and maintain their jurisdictions or does it mean they do not utilize their allocations? Or does it mean the allocations are always channeled to individual pockets?

Yes, it is on record that Imo State has not had it so good in terms of governance outside late Dee Sam Mbakwe’s administration on which he earned “Weeping Governor”.

During Mbakwe regime, the Imo State allocation was nothing to write home about and yet he was able to channel it to useful projects as he paid workers salaries, retirees got pensions and gratuities unlike what is obtainable now with no tangible thing done to keep the State clean and beautiful upon the billions of naira allocations that get to the State.

 Imo is still marking time. A terrible situation indeed. Who is fooling who? Who did this to Imo. When shall Imo get it right? I wonder where Imo is heading to. That the State’s God-given resources are being wasted on individual pockets.

When would leaders be truthful to themselves and lead people rightly by giving them the right direction to enjoy the goodies of democracy. This may happen in other healthy climes, but here it is a mirage. Common dirt Imo ENTRACO can’t control only to extort motorists, causing traffic danger.

I know that the less- privileged are not asking the government for feeding allowance nor medication because they have not done it before either will they do it now as the case of Coronavirus has exposed the level of the leaders towards the people and if not by the grace of God the poor would have been wiped out of the surface of the earth.

 People are aware that if the Coronavirus Pandemic had kicked off in Africa earlier, leaders would have abandoned their citizens, but thanks to God for Who He is.

I wish to draw the attention of the present administration, led by Hope Uzodinma, Governor of Imo State, to glance into the plight of Imo people by giving them quality governance to provide a good environment for them, through the clearing of all the waste at the Municipal, work, construct and re-construct roads and streets that are now dead traps. This is good when commissioners are given necessary tools and attention to execute their duties respectively in Owerri municipal and environs.

Imolites need Pipe Borne Water too. I am glad that work is ongoing at Otamiri Headworks under the MD/CEO, Imo State Water and Sewerage Corporation, Engr. Emeka Celestine Ugoanyanwu, Thanks to USAID E-WASH.

I do not want to bother the  Governor now, but to remind him to repair and work roads to enhance the betterment of his citizens and failure to do the needful before this year’s rain sets in, Imo State would be a sorry state.

Since work is now ongoing at MCC Road, I want you to look into Onunkwo Street, Ikenegbu Extension behind Dan Anyiam Stadium, formerly known as Iwuanyanwu Quarters. That road equally leads to Relief Market.

If left undone, it could lead to epidemics and everyone would be affected and secondly, if Coronavirus gets there, it would be disastrous.

Governor Uzodinma should expedite discharging his duty to give Imo people what would prolong their lives, make them happy to the glory of God since the Supreme Court awarded him victory to man the affairs of the State.

On April 5th, 2020, as I walked around Owerri to discover that Imo State was in a mess as a result of waste littered the State especially Owerri.

We cannot be avoiding Coronavirus, fighting it with one hand and at the same time inviting it with the other because disease comes to unhygienic environments.

The smell it produces sends a lot of signals rottenness of which if nothing tangible is done, it may cause disease.

Other areas to look into are Ama- Wire to Capitol, MCC/Toronto Junction. These dilapidated roads need urgent attention to ease movement and save lives.

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