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Imo APC Now A “Must Join Party” Eddy Iheanacho

With the present political upheavals in Nigeria and Imo in particular, every party man should and ought to give a thumb-up for our dear Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma for restoring, dignifying and making the APC, the truly-must-join party.

Our God-given Governor must be highly respected and appreciated for all his efforts towards the survival of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Imo State. I must assure him, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma that sooner than later more stakeholders, elected legislators and others from other political parties will be leaving their various parties for APC in Imo State, there is no other way out which ultimately will make Imo State one-party system, thumb up Onwu-Oyoko.

People abandon their political parties for another party for different reasons, some join for recognition, some join to save their political future, some join for financial security (hoping if they can either be appointed for something and, or give a sense of belonging to the current government so they can be investigated and probed if any reason for that), some join due financial insecurity (Only way of making a living order is through politics no other thing they can do in other for their survival), etc.

Anyway, no matter the reasons people may have in joining our great party (APC), I strongly encourage people of Imolites to come and join our great party (APC) en masse, as long as they are joining with well clean, clear and same time good heart, not a dubious one. Again, I must appreciate PDP party members more especially people from my federal Constituency, that is Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency for showing their interest in decamping their failed party for our great party (APC) and, I think that is very acceptable move.

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