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Igbos in alaba market generate $4 billion annually –Reno Omokri

A Nigerian Activist by name Reno Omokri has taken to his Instagram to explain that the Igbos in Alaba Market (Lagos) generates annually $4 billion (N2 trilion).

This he said is according to findings of an American Economic Journalist, Robert Neuwirth.

In his words: “think about it for a minute. 10,000 Igbos generate more internal revenue than the 19 Northern states combined. To put this in perspective, note that Kaduna generated N44billion IGR last year and was celebrated by the Northern Governors Forum”.

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He further advised that if the Igbos can unite politically the way they unite economically, they won’t need to beg for Igbo Presidency.

He added that they can raise billions of dollars for the right candidate. This is because they can afford to have a polling agent in each of the 120,000 polling units in Nigeria.

The day the Igbos wake up to their power, they will stop begging for power and start taking it, he concluded.

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