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I will do everything possible to keep Messi at Barcelona – Laporta

Joan Laporta and Victor Font, who are the two candidiates for a presidential election in Barcelona has insisted that Lionel Messi “generates more” than he earns, after his “colossal” club contract was published in a Spanish newspaper.

Joan Laporta, who is seeking to regain the presidency, told Rac1 radio that Messi generates much more income than the money he costs,”

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“We have done a study and he generates a third of Barcelona’s total income.”

Laporta added, “It’s not only the economic return”, “But also the emotional and sporting return, and the vivid moments he gives us.”

Messi is now in the last year of his contract. On Sunday, under the headline “the colossal contract that ruins Barcelona”, El Mundo published details of the current deal, signed in 2017.

It read that Messi would have earned 555 Million euros, which is about 674 million dollars by the time the contract comes to an end.

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Barcelona responded by saying, “we are not the source of the leak and we plan to sue El Mundo.

However, the club did not contradict the assertions made by Font and Laporta.

Laporta is one of three candidates for the election on March 7. One of his rivals, Font, spoke on Onda Cero radio.

“To imply that Barcelona is ruined because of Messi is an absolutely erroneous conclusion,” he said.

They condemned the “leak” to the Madrid newspaper and promised they would do all to ensure that Messi remains Barcelona.

“We have to do everything possible to keep Messi, in 2017 and today too,” said Font.

Laporta, the president when Messi first broke into the Barcelona team, agreed.

“I will do everything possible to keep Messi at Barcelona. I have had signals that he is happy in Barcelona, and that he desires to stay.”

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