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I Have No Issues With Oshiomhole, Others Says Araraume

Our attention has been drawn to a misleading’ mischievous and false report published on the front page of the Announcer Newspaper of 19th June 2020 titled: OSHIOMHOLE’S OUSTER AS APC NATIONAL CHAIR: ARARAUME, ROCHAS’ CAMPS IN JUBILATION”.

In the report in contention, the newspaper stated that the supporters of senator lfeanyi Araraume were jubilating over the controversial removal of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress(APC) by the Appeal Court. It added that the jubilation was because Comrade Oshiomhole is the backbone of the Imo state Governor, senator Hope Uzodinma and would never support Senator Araraume’s Senatorial ambition’

The wicked intent of the sponsors of this publication was to create the impression that senator Araraume is in support of the unfortunate crisis in APC and the removal of Comrade Oshiomhole as National Chairman.

In addition, the publishers also set out on a mission to blackmail senator Araraume with the report and put a wedge between him and comrade Oshiomhole.

It is the figment of the imagination of the sponsors of this report to insinuate that comrade Oshiomhole would never support senator Araraume’s ambition to contest the impending lmo North Senatorial election. lt is also irresponsible journalism to assume that Governor Uzodinma and Senator Araraume are enmeshed in a Comrade Oshiomhole would be opposed to the political interests of Senator Araraume.

We make bold to state categorically that Senator Araraume and Comrade Oshimohole have always had a cordial relationship that has spanned several decades. Therefore, no amount of blackmail or yellow journalism by hirelings would endanger this relationship’

Furthermore, Senator Araraume and his supporters will never be parties to any conflict that would affect the fortunes of the APC at State or National Levels.

Our position is that the current crisis in APC is a mere storm in a teacup that will soon be calm. Those who intend to make capital of it would reap shame and disappointment.

Senator Araraume does not intend to engage in any conflict with anyone in APC. Whatever ambition he has, will be pursued legitimately without rancor or ill-will towards anyone.

Finally, it is wicked and satanic to drag him into a conflict that has nothing to do with him and his supporters.


Comrade Bryan Agu

S.A. media to Senator lfeanyi Araraume.

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