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How Well Do You Treat Your Domestic Staff?

I have seen so many cases where a family would go out on a date in a restaurant or an eatery, they would feast on different delicacies while the house help is left on another table alone to binge on biscuits or most times she would just sit and watch them eat. Most of the women are that callous. Oftentimes, as a family woman, you forget that your domestic staff needs basic things like a toothbrush, paste, undies, and sanitary towel. Especially when these domestic staffs are really minors and couldn’t take appropriate care of themselves. So tell me why they wouldn’t use your kids’ toothbrush and paste, why wouldn’t they wouldn’t steal meat from your pot when you sample meat in your children’s food but deny them protein.

Aren’t you a she-devil? The truth is that when it comes to caring for domestic help, men tend to do better. I have seen cases where a man took up the responsibilities of buying toiletries for his domestic staff because he had complained several times to the madam who seemed uninterested. I know, the next thing that you would say is maybe he’s sleeping with her, no he’s definitely not sleeping with her, he’s doing that which you as a woman neglected to do. It’s always easy to differentiate between a house help and the kids because they would go to church wearing tattered and worn-out clothes, looking so unkempt while your kids wear the best. You probably wouldn’t give her money for offering, while others would be going for offering, she or he would sit and look on. Why would your domestic staff eat the food you wouldn’t give your kids. Why would your domestic staff hawk or stay home to work while your kids are in school? Why would your domestic help use a tissue instead of a sanitary towel and why would she be meant to work all day without rest yet you would hurl insults at her at every given opportunity. Oh, I guess you assumed that she isn’t someone else’s nine months or you thought her mother never felt pain while birthing her. When your domestic help complained of malaria, you would throw Panadol at her and saddle her with chores. Are you not really heartless.

Do you really expect her to care properly for your kids while you mishandled her? You would mishandle her and go to work or market and in turn, she would mercilessly trash your kids behind your back. The reason you would always visit the hospital treating your kids of one infection or the other and spending a ridiculous amount of money. You buy Christmas clothes for your kids and your help is excluded and you go to bed and sleep well at night? The most wicked of all is when your help is also a kid of 7 or 8 years and you expect her to be well acquainted with common sense, beating her at every opportunity because life happened to her and she was unfortunate to find herself in your house. If it’s not modern-day slavery please tell me what it is. The truth is that if you treat your domestic staff with love, they will treat your kids with love. It doesn’t matter if he or she is under your payroll. Treat them like a human being and you will be glad you did.

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