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In order to bring to a definite end the re-occuring issue of the actual boundary between Rivers State and Imo as well as the owners of various oil wells between the two states, the Imo State Governor Senator Hope uzodinma has met both the Federal Government as well as the Government of the Rivers State to ascertain the actual place or places that are the boundaries between Rivers and Imo State.
This is even as the presidency has given him nod to the request and urged the surveyor General of the Federation to meet with that of Imo and Rivers to discuss and ascertain in actuality the boundary between the two sister states.
At the time of filling this report, the date in which the surveyors concerned and the two states had not agreed on the date to define the boundaries but available information to Lead revealed that they have agreed to meet in no distant time.
The issue of the actual boundary between Imo and Rivers has always posed a problem between the two states and the states have not been able to define it.
During the time of Achike Udenwa as the Governor of Imo State, this issue of boundary adjustment came up but the states could not arrive at a definite conclusion.
Senator Hope Uzodinma has accused the Rivers State Government of taken inventory of some of the oil wells that are on the lands of Imo State in Oguta and Egbema areas.
However, with the presidency given nod for the two sisters states of Imo and Rivers to define their boundaries, it implies that the issue surrounding the boundaries would soon become a thing of the past.
If Uzodinma succeeds in getting back some of the oil wells which according to him belongs to Imo but their dividends go to Rivers Government, it implies that he has achieved one step towards the government of prosperity which he said, he is bringing to Imo because it would impact on the percentage which Imo receives as one of the oil states in Nigeria

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