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Hilda Dokubo demands justice for young man sentenced to 1 year in prison over Barr Amadi’s sex tape’ scandal

 Actress Hilda Dokubo is demanding justice for Peter Nwoke, a 20-year-old graduate who was recently arrested and imprisoned for leaking a sex video of Barr.Amadi, a Federal Commissioner of Imo State Office of Public Complaints Commission. 

The 12-second video suggested that Barr.Amadi had a threesome, but the convict admitted that he superimposed Amadi’s picture on a background with a sex scene.

Actress Hilda in a video posted on January 25, insisted that this can never happen as such technology does not exist. She further noted that she has been in the movie industry since 1992 and has moved from being an actress to being a director; therefore she wondered how much might have been given to the 20-year-old man as ”compensation” for him to” jeopardize his future.” and admit to have done such a thing.

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 This she revealed in a video she posted demanding a further investigation into the case as she suspects the accused might have been forced to own up to a crime he may not have committed.

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