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Group Calls For Okorocha’s Arrest, Accuses Him Of Converting 80% of Imo Properties To Self

Group under the appellation of Imo Democracy Centre has described the former Governor Okorocha’s Eight years of administration as a failure.

This is even they challenged him to name any patient who was treated at his Ochiedike Hospital amongst others.

He described the demolished hospital as a poor architectural and engineering display that couldn’t see the light of the day and at best, a disaster in the waiting that could have claimed the lives of many Imolites.

“Your tenure as governor of Imo State was filled with more confusion than ever and deliberate creation to distract Imolites from the fraud, stealing and conversion of state properties to your private use” he lamented.

According to Onwuegbu, Okorocha allegedly converted the property belonging to IBS to his personal use and illegally converted  Imo government property designated for government lodge at New Owerri to his wife, through his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu then commissioner for Lands.

He also alleged that Okorocha illegally and fraudulently revoked properties belonging to Imolites and relocated 80% of same to himself and cronies.

Onwuegbu also alleged that the former governor through his wife built Akachi Estate with a government house special project fund account at Zenith Bank Plc. He however stated that Eastern Palm University built by Okorocha with the ballout fund meant for Imolites, Onuegbu claimed also that Okorocha acquired and built  40% of house on lands at Spielbert with stolen fund from the state coffers.

Mr. Onuegbu decries the poor state of infrastructure which he said Okorocha left the state in.

According to him, Okorocha is now likened to the proverbial Bad “Usu” that cannot be identified with any group or class.

He assured the former Governor that the long arm of the law must catch up with him one day.

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