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Govt. To Revalidate Private, Faith-Based Schools In Imo-Ikegwuoha

The Commissioner for Education, Prof. Bernard Thompson O. Ikegwuoha has disclosed that the Ministry would soon carry out the revalidation and re-certification of Private, Faith-based Schools, JAMB Centres, Computer Institutes and all institutions operating with the lmo State Ministry of Education’s approval and license.

Prof. Ikegwuoha who made the disclosure in his Office while speaking to some Pressmen maintained that the revalidation and re-certification exercise was aimed at harmonizing the standard of education in the State and checkmating the proliferation of sub-standard Schools, JAMB Centers, Computer Institutes and other institutions in the State. He adduced that the measure was also predicated on the fact that the New lmo Government of Dist. Senator Hope Uzodinma would not compromise with quality education as well as placed the welfare of lmo Children at the front burner.

He said in the pursuit of this objective, all Private, faith-based Schools, JAMB Centers, Computer institutes, and institutions both approved and unapproved should come to the Ministry at Block 3, State Secretariat Complex, Port Harcourt, Owerri for the collection of the forms.

Prof. announced that henceforth, Private Schools in the State has been classified into Private and faith-based Schools. He said for any School to be revalidated and re-certified the comfort of the pupils and students would be guaranteed: the number of seats must be according to the number of Pupils and Students, there must be conveniences and the environmental sanitation must be óptimal and that no child would be in a classroom without plastering or tiles. He emphasized that education must be holistic, therefore, there must be spaces and fields for sporting and other recreational activities. The Education Commissioner mentioned that education was costly, thus for anybody or group to embark on it, that person or group must have the financial capability. He cautioned against the overcharging of Pupils and Students by the Private Schools, reiterating that education must be accessible and affordable.

Prof. Ikegwuoha observed that it was no longer business as usual. He revealed that the Ministry would be innovative and creative, therefore the Ministry would create a website in which its departments, parastatals, and agencies would be listed. Prof. Ikegwuoha added that in the website, all Private and faith-based Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools would be listed and their status as to whether approved or unapproved would be made known so that parents and guardians would be abreast with the position /standing of the Schools where they send their children and Wards.

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