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Governor Hope Uzodinma: The “Abba Kyari University” And The Silly Fabrication Of Dullards

A few weeks ago, some clandestine interests using the unprofessional social media stream, made laughable, childish and grainless insinuation against the Imo State Governor, Chief Hope Uzodinma, alleging that he has plans to rename the Imo State University to “Abba Kyari University”.

The faceless, spineless forces also alleged that in a condolence message sent to Mr. President, The State Governor praised or thanked late Abba Kyari for making him governor.

In fact, listening to insinuations like these over the radio or residing them from the pages of newspaper gives away the authors as toddlers still dancing on their mothers’ lapses. The man with the least quantum of intelligence would wave such infantile fabrication aside at first reading. Even kindergarten children in the streets of Owerri would boo the authors of such colourless insinuations as lazy loafers, who lack depth of intellect to choose the right topic or subject to engage the attention of normal mortals.

How on earth can a reasonable person with powers for critical thinking choose the Abba Kyari issue as a subject weighty or strong enough to provoke Imo people to spit at Uzodinma or rise against his government? It means that the writers are mentally lazy.

There is no way in the history of this world a person like Governor Hope Odidika Uzodinma would contemplate renaming any state institution after anybody outside Imo State. Remember former Governor Ikedi Ohakim attempted renaming the university to Evan Enwerem University yet it did not stand, even in the face of great role late Governor Enwerem played in retrieving the instruments of old Imo State University to give teeth to the present IMSU.

Nobody has to be close to Governor Uzodinma to know that he does not have such a plan and that he did not thank late Kyari in any condolence message to Mr. President.

Although it is not yet clear who wrote that nonsense in the social media, but a mere guess would tell one that it emanated from those opposed to his governorship or his enemies, but could anybody in his right senses have thought that such a childish propaganda can convince any Imolite? Imo people are not morons for any disgruntled interest to think that they will fall for such cheap propaganda and black mail. It may not be necessary to interpret the underlying motive of such a cheap propaganda as doing so will elevate that childish enterprise to an underserved level. Governor Uzodinma is nobody’s puppet, if am not mistaken, he contested governorship election in 2003 on the plat form of Alliance for Democracy (AD) long before some of those parading themselves as governorship candidates and aspirants today.

Senator Uzodinma represented Orlu at the Senate for eight years. He had his way then, will they also say that Kyari made him Senator for eight years? Was there any Kyari at the corridors of power when Uzodinma became Senate two times for Orlu?

One thinks it proper to advise those that contested the governorship with him in any way to go and rest. Their supporters and surrogates should do same and think of how to learn new trades to engage their hands and brains, than using cheap social media to churn out publications that could best be described as products of amateurs. Anybody who has the professional training and panache for credible journalism should make his publications in the conventional media, especially the print media with his or her name or such publications. Doing this will give elements of credibility and it shows the preparedness of the author to face any libel suit, than to be faceless under the mask of unprofessional social media to dish out laughable propaganda, with glaring upper and underlying tissues of lies.

Probably authors of such publication may be a person or persons who least expected the volcano that abrupted their momentary honey-licking experience and they may have resorted to sand-throwing to express their misgiving. Sorry what is supreme is supreme indeed. A lost paradise is lost forever.

I am somehow excited and somehow angry that some persons or interests have failed to realize that whenever the final whistle is blown in any football competition any other effort made to score goal is effort in futility. In this case a wise player goes home to do a soul-searching and re-strategizing for another football match, assuming he did not sustain a life-threatening injury that would put him off the pitch for a life time!.

This funny faceless media sand-throwing reminds me of the two sad experiences I had at the hands of two media aides during the Ihedioha regime. One media aide to a Commissioner from Ikeduru Local Government nearly beat me at the Imo State Secretariat and a principal media appointee in that government took actions that made me to cry. I spiritually wept that the same experience I suffered during the Okorocha administration was the same thing I suffered during Ihedioha’s administration. I promised those amateur aides that I shall celebrate their down fall and that of the government that appointed them, hence after the Appeal Court Victory, they only received the support of my shadow, while my real spirit was at war to hear the announcement of their exit. It happened. That principal media appointee would always recall my last telephone conversation and the ensuing altercation of the 18th day of December 2019 with a great sense of regret. Oh power, very transient like the morning vapour in summer! Please bear with my digression.

Back to the main topic. Those using cheap black mail against Uzodinma on social media should come out in the open if they are truly brave and they should not think that they can convince us to join them in their self-seeking pursuit. Of course those who benefited from them could still be singing their praises. Thank God I was denied all the cash made available to others irrespective of the fact that I was then the Chairman of Journalists in the local media.

Probably I was so treated because of my role in the petition against the then government and a principal media appointee on the neglect of journalists working in the local media.

For those of you opposed to Uzodinma Government be rest assured that you will not get my support. For seven months you denied me, now is my turn to taunt you, but remember that Uzodinma was positioned to liberate Imo from a dangerous animal.

As for your “Abba Kyari University” in Imo State, Uzodinma has no such plan and MUST NEVER do so. You can never make us believer your childish propaganda. Imo State is on the move to recover, rehabilitate and reconstruct. Period.

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