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Scientists have conducted a study in which they have identified how genes affected health and provided a way forward for new potential lung disease treatment, BBC reported.

The study analysed the data of 580,869 genes of participants from all around the world and was able to link more than 550 new genes implicated in lung function for the first time.

A study led by universities in Leicester and Nottingham, which academics claim is the largest and most diverse of its kind, could pave the way for new potential lung disease treatments.

According to scientists, this has provided a picture of how can genes affects the health of our lungs.

The scientists see it as a major contribution to respiratory health and hope that this study would allow other researchers in developing the best treatment and medicines for lung treatment. This study will also allow determining which pharmaceutical products may damage respiratory health, the scientists believed.

These findings could prove beneficial in treating such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma in new ways, allowing doctors to prohibit drugs harmful or those which can accelerate recovery.

According to an estimate, COPD is the third-largest cause which leads to annual deaths globally.

The lead investigator, Professor Martin Tobin from the University of Leicester’s department of population health sciences regarded it as a big contribution in terms of its diverse study in which they have been able to identify and discover a large number of associated genetic variants.

This study could help in personalizing medicine and can allow us to generate genetic risk scores, he said.

This research study accumulated genomic data from research studies worldwide.

It is important that people from ethnically diverse backgrounds are included in the study which allows them to benefit equally from this scientific study so that they could live a healthy life, said Professor Ian Hall, lead professor at the University of Nottingham.

He also remarked that currently the people included are related to white backgrounds however, similar studies in future are also required to develop important samples for broadening the horizon of the research and treatment.

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