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… Offers Them Maintenance Jobs At LGAs

Governor Hope Uzodinma has finally waded into the grudges exhibited by the Interim Management Committee chairmen in the twenty-seven Local Governments of Imo as well as their councilors following the Government authorization of the Interim Chairman to carry out maintenance projects at the various local governments of the state.

This paper had in one of its recent reports disclosed that the majority of the chairmen have been murmuring, grudging for being adamant and jobless at the Local Governments following the failure of the Government to assign them duties or to take full charge of the local government’s administration in the state. 

Governor Hope Uzodinma had upon the appointment of the Interim Management Committee Chairmen a Few months ago, urged them not to pay salaries of the workers as well as not to carry out projects in the local governments since workers receive monthly salaries electronically.

This development however almost rendered the chairmen redundant since they now drove to the office and at the end of the day would go home without doing any job as government Appointees.

This became more worrisome as none of them had any other source of income except their monthly salaries since the Uzodinma’s administration inherited the Treasury Single Account propounded by Ihedioha’s administration which now allows all the Internal Generated Revenue to be paid into the Central Accounts of the Government. with the above, the Interim Management Committee Chairmen who upon appointment selected their allies as Aides had no option than to lay them off since there was no provision for them.

The Interim Management Committee however got disappointed when they were subjected to only salaries while they initially believed that by Uzodinma’s nature as a philanthropist, much would be accrued to them.

Probably for these reasons, the Imo State Governor who by nature feels happy when others are happy decided to calm the frayed nerves by assigning the chairmen to carry out maintenance jobs in their various Local Governments.

Information from the Government hinted Lead that the state Governor had to do this to enable the appointees to at least, compensate their supporters at the grassroots.

Information to Lead revealed that the Government mandated the Interim Management Committee chairmen to follow the normal specifications of contracts by calling on interested individuals for tender after which the successful contractors would be paid by the state government.

Speaking with The Weekend Lead, one of the chairmen who would not want his name in print disclosed that with the recent development, the governor has given the sense of belonging as well as respect in their various local governments at least to be the middle persons between the contractors and the state government which would finally pay the successful contractors.

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