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… Traders Troop Out Without Preventives

… Commuters Still Pack Passengers Against Directives

Fear of the spread of Covid-19 cases appears to have taken the center stage in Imo given the rate by which Imo people particularly the traders trooped out to minor markets in Imo last Monday the 4th of May to buy and sell.

This, however, followed the easing of shut-down and restriction order in minor markets, pharmaceutical stores, food vendors amongst others by the state government.

Our reporter who has been monitoring the activities in Imo since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic reported that the rate which Imo people particularly the commuters trooped out of their homes like that that had been under chains as if the dreaded disease has left the country or is no longer in Imo.

According to the reporter, the traders particularly the food vendors, as well as the buyers, threw caution into the wind by nonobservance to the much talked about social distancing, use of face masks let alone the use of the sanitizers and the regular washing of hands.

In addition to the above, the commuters, as usual, were packing passengers like bags of Rice despite the state government directives on the number of passengers on a row.

The executive governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma had in line with the Federal Government directives as well as the outcry by the public over the bitting effects of Covid-19 eased the on-going shut-down in some areas such as food vendors, minor markets and pharmaceutical stores to cushion to an extent the effect of the shut-down which started last Monday, May 4th.

Speaking with the lead newspapers, one of the interviewed passengers appealed with the government to enforce the order restricting the drivers to carry a certain number of passengers pointing out that the passengers at certain points particularly at rushing hours cannot decide not to enter a particular vehicle or to alight from an on-going vehicle that insists on carrying passengers against the restriction.

According to the passenger who gave her name as Chukwu Maureen, the state government has at this point mounts Security Agencies on the Roads to enforce this order to later, to contain the spread of the disease through body contacts in the vehicles.

Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma had in the bid to contain the spread of the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic in Imo, launched six isolation centers in Imo, constituted Covid-19 committee, provide Ambulances to all the twenty-seven local governments in Imo amongst others.

Despite the following measures put in place by the governor, Imo State was a few weeks ago counted as one of the states with Covid-19 patient who reportedly was sent to the isolation center at the Owerri Federal Medical Centre where he is receiving treatment.

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