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Explosion by Prince Macdonald Enwere

REV B @ 50: Celebrating A Quintessential Man Of God With Exponential Grace.

The birth of every child is an epiphany of hope wrapped in a canvass of diverse possibilities. As hard as the parents may strive for upward social mobility of the child, it requires the grace of God to twang the transcendental cord that excites the critical elements in the child for self-awakening.

The grace of God is indeed the most suitable vortex that underpins the life of this great man of God, Rev. Dr. Bethel Nwanebu.

According to Winston Churchill  “A celebration of a birthday is a celebration of life, a celebration of life is a celebration of achievements, a celebration of achievements brings with it a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction”.

Rev. Dr. Bethel Nwanebu has not only manifested the assertion above over time but has exhibited exemplary qualities of a quintessential man of God.

Today as humanity profusely commemorate the epochal birthday of this enigmatic man of God whose existential aplomb is perplexingly intriguing, it is a deserving opportunity once again, to blow the trumpet, beat the cymbals and sound the drums to the highest decibel in saluting a Super Eagle at the vineyard of God.

There is no doubt that at 50, you have remained a confounding titan and formidable force in the nation’s religious firmament, always keeping your eyes at the tip of the spear.

You have remained a man of quintessence, an incubator of superlative ideas, a God-fearing servant, a corpus classicus with exponential grace, and pinnache. Your visage symbolizes busting youthfulness, if not mature exuberance. The world sees a manifest trend in your life philosophy as embedded in your visionary manifesto as a real man of grace.  Thus, by popular a claim, it’s a gold medal for you not because you have attained this prime age today but because you have remained steadfast to a genuine purpose and esteemed commitment to mankind which is as strong as steel.

Your 50th birthday is a milestone that brings a certain imperative. Not only that you are being celebrated today for partaking in this abundant grace exemplified in good health, uncommon magnanimity, and generosity of spirit but because we are impelled to acknowledge a life packaged with remarkable achievements, grace, and conspicuous imprints.

Rev B, your morning days have been years of grace and solid gold but the good prayer for you is that whatever you have achieved will pale to what you have yet to achieve. ; a better and rewarding future.

Just like in the words of Thomas Jefferson ” If you would have a happy life, remember two things: In matters of principle stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current”. Congratulations and Happy birthday our dear Rev. B.

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