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Embracing Ring-A-Doctor, A New Health Package In Town

With the global advancement in technology and science, there is a corresponding growth in other spheres of life which is geared towards stimulating human welfare and wellbeing.

This advancement in technology has come with It, among other things, online trading, zoom meetings, Whatsapp and Facebook communications as well as automated monetary transfers.

In addition to these great innovations, a major milestone will be achieved in the country’s health sector this weekend as members of the public will witness the launching of an innovative technology-driven medical package in Owerri, the capital city of Imo state called Ring-A-Doctor.

To access this package, anyone in need of medical attention is only required to call any of the following two numbers: 07047556373 and 07047296924 to get direct link to a well qualified medical practitioner who will listen attentively to the patient after which he will ask him/her some vital questions before prescribing drugs to the person. This exercise will only cost the patient two thousand naira per call.

The package will reduce to the barest minimum the rate of patronage of quackery in the rural villages and communities in the state by availing the people of the state opportunities to get globally acceptable standards in medical advice and counselling.

This package will be beneficial to people who are based abroad and who have no concrete arrangements for effective medical delivery for their parents, siblings and other loved ones back home.

If the doctor considers it necessary to subject the patient to medical laboratory examination, such texts can be done wherever it is convenient to the patient provided the result of such texts are snapped and sent to the doctor by WhatsApp or any other convenient means for the doctor to study and deduce the ailment and the suitable drugs to tackle it.

With this package, many people who are abroad or living in distant places from their homes need not worry any more about the medical needs of their loved ones as Ring-A-Doctor has come to provide them help at the comfort of their homes.

The patient can discuss with the doctor either in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or English, which means, the language will not pose a barrier in communicating between the patient and the doctor.

One of the devastating health challenges prevalent in our rural communities is the patronage of quackery by our aged parents due to the absence of modern health facilities in the rural localities. This programme will give succour to our aged parents, children and other vulnerable groups who have not been getting the best of medical attention due to the circumstances of our environments.

The opportunity created by Ring-A-Doctor will be a welcome relief to most families who are concerned as to how they can get maximum medical attention with minimum amount.

By embracing Ring-A-doctor, you will be receiving the best with the least amount possible. When next you feel are are not yourself, please remember to Ring-A-Doctor.

By: Chief Eric Nwikwu

Owerri-based Media Consultant

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