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Education Comm. Roars, Vows To Reverse Transfer Of Principals, Teachers’ Accuses Them OF Dragging Govt Backward

Imo state commissioner for Education, prof Ikegwuoha has vowed to reverse the recent transfers of secondary schools’ principals, Teachers amongst others.

This is even as he accused them of dragging backward the state Government by holding back necessary information particularly the data of the students who are to write Junior WAEC.

In a release made available to Lead by the Commissioner’s media revealed that Heads of

The Hon. Commissioner for Education in Imo State is angry with Principals of Secondary School (Public, Private, Faith-Based and Corporate) in Imo State for not providing to him the list of names of JSS 3 students who registered for Junior WAEC (BECE) examination. Similarly, he fumes at the Primary School Heads, (Headmasters and Headmistresses of Public, Private, Faith-Based & Corporate Schools) because they have, in spite of repeated requests and warnings, refused to provide to him the list of the names of Primary 6 Pupils who registered for  UBEGPT (Common Entrance) and UBEAT (First School Leaving Certificate) examinations. In fact, no Ministry, Department, Agency, or even nation in the modern world can function without reliable data. The information requested by the Hon. Commissioner for Education  should be submitted in hard and soft copies by each Primary School Head and Principal.

All transfers of Principals and other appointments hastily carried and backdated recently, will soon be reversed after the conclusion of the investigation that is ongoing. Additionally, the Hon. Commissioner will soon embark on the auditing if the staff of the Ministry of Education with a view to ascertaining the number of teachers and staff (SEMB and Ministry) who have overstayed beyond their retirement age. Accordingly, all staff must provide and present his or her First School Leaving Certificate, which will be properly verified together with their declaration of age or birth certificate, if available. The Committee will soon get to work.

The Hon. Commissioner for Education, Prof. B.T.O Ikegwuoha has therefore mandated Principals of Junior Secondary School ( JSS 3 ) to urgently and without further delay, submit to him the list of names of all students who registered for BECE (Junior WAEC ) Examination through the Zonal Education Directors in each of the 6 Education Zones and through the Ag. ES – SEMB, (School by School), not later than Tuesday, October 20, 2020, before 4:00 pm, the close of work.

Furthermore, the Hon. Commissioner for Education is by this notice urgently requesting that *all Primary School Heads should through their Head in the offices of the Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) submit to the Ag. Chairman, IMSUBEB who will then forward to the Hon. Commissioner for Education, the list of names of all the Pupils who registered for Primary 6 Common Entrance (UBEGPT) and First School Leaving Certificate examinations (school by school) not later than 4:00 PM, the close of work on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, failure to comply by this directive of Government will lead to severe reprimand.

It will be recalled that almost all the payments cum registrations for these examinations: Common Entrance, First School Leaving Certificate, and Junior WAEC) had been collected then mostly by Cash by the Examination Development Center (EDC) before the appointment of the Hon. Commissioner for Education on March 23, 2020 -consequently, almost all arrangements for students to sit and write these 3 examinations had been concluded by the Principals of Junior Secondary School 3 and Primary 6 School Heads but for the coronavirus pandemic, these 3 examinations would have been written by March/April 2020.

Request for Comprehensive School Data:

Apart from the request for the *list of names of pupils in primary 6 and students in JSS 3* who registered for the Common Entrance, First School Leaving Certificate and Junior WAEC, *all Principals and Primary School Heads* should equally and further be aware that, Imo State Government is urgently requesting from them, *the nominal roll of all pupils and students according to their individual classes (Nursery -Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6); JSS 1, 2 and 3; SSS 1, 2 and 3),* including but not limited to the *nominal roll of all teachers and staff, their individual years of employment, file numbers, present Grade Level, year of last promotion to present rank, Retirement date, qualifications with dates beginning with FSLC, etc.

The data information being requested now should be submitted through the proper and normal channels as stated above to the Hon. Commissioner for Education, not later than *October 30, 2020.* The leadership of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) Imo State Chapter, Education Secretaries of Mission (faith-based) schools should as a matter of urgency and expediency submit their own list as requested for, from the Public School Heads and Principals. All notices and directives presented to Public Schools affect them and they must comply. The Hon Commissioner for Education had upon assumption of office requested for the list of all private schools including the names of students and especially the teachers and staff with their qualifications and dates. He met severally with the leadership of NAPPS and the Education Secretaries of Mission School and the Catholic Bishops in Imo State and yet, none of the requests and directives were complied to. This is now the directive of the Imo State Executive Council (EXCO) .

Please note that sanctions await any Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School Head or Principal who fails to comply with the directive of Government.

Hon. Commissioner for Education urges everyone to be properly guided.

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