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Duru accuses Lasbrey Anyanwu of looting ITC buses, vows to reposition company

It’s apparently not the best of times for former Governor Okorocha’s appointees and Ndi Agburu camp with Political trends and distinct revelations by the present Administration of Sen. Hope Uzodinma’s government in Imo state.

  Chief Laz-Okafor Anyanwu, a one time Chairman/ M.D of Imo State transport company (ITC) is in the news again with Okorocha’s kinsman who almost restored ITC lost glory when he managed the state company with Global Gininikana Ltd.  Briefing Journalists within two weeks of taking back the management of the company, accused Lazbrey Okafor Anyanwu of looting and milking ITC to it’s marrow during  four years of Owelle 2nd tenure , Nze Emeka Duru told Newsmen that Laz -Okafor Anyanwu whose mum is in the mug now misappropriated resources of  ITC with numerous  funny things to alter facts as well as attempts on my life to cover the truth.

He recalled that his own Leadership ( Duru) brought in about 275 buses, regretting that rather than paying back bank loans, Lasbrey  looted  some of the buses adding that some of  them were taken to  Enugu,  Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan  while some were taken to  Imo state Government House Owerri where chassis numbers and documents were tampered with.

   Spurious   allegations were made to rope in my Company and self. God exonerated  me. In fact Lasbrey Okafor Anyanwu incurred 25 Court judgments for the state Government transport Company right now.

   The ITC helmsman admonished Laz -Okafor Anyanwu to shut up and return the Loots . The  management expert  disclosed that he has uncovered records of  the number of buses Laz -Okafor sent to Rivers Joy transport Company Ltd  Port Harcourt.  He insists that the Public should ask him how he secured 65 Buses he is operating Presently in one full  swoop for his own transport company even when he had not even one Sienna bus on arrival at ITC .

The four years he superintended as ITC Managing Director was as a disaster ,he intoned.

A man who was brought in to manage ITC refused paying back loans procured for buses, claiming that he was Paying IGR to Owelle without minding that Enterprise Bank’s loan would be serviced,as he abandoned a debt of about #172 M. One hundred and two million Naira owed to the bank.

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He assured that his sagacity and resourcefulness is going to offset this bill for Imo state government within a short time. Our travelers will soon experience those good services like air-conditioned trips.

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