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Do You Want To Find True Love?

For some time I’ve pondered upon this topic. I understand that the idea of love to some people is a mirage, to others a mere fantasy, and there are others who it scares to their bone marrows. Yet there are so many that are quite in love with the ordinary idea of finding true love.

The truth is that love has hurt more than many, thus a lot of people frown at any love related topic. This is because many people on their own have given love a trial at some time in their life, only to either be betrayed, disappointed, or failed. And for most of these victims, love is not a topic for discussion.

Nevertheless, I wanna talk about the concept of “finding true love.” In some of my previous topics, I’ve aptly discussed love and its meaning, and there some paramount definition of love was given. This is because in the first place it’s wrong to think of falling nor finding true love when you know nothing about the true meaning of love.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of clarification, the best definition of love I’ve ever come across is in 2Cor 13. If you can’t lay your hand on my previous work where love was aptly defined, then find your bible and read this chapter thoroughly for better clarification.

However, I still want you to understand love for what it is. A lot of people I know have a very pore understanding of love, and this has made it quite difficult for a lot of them to find nor keep love. In this case, our problem most times is not finding love but not knowing what love is so as to recognize love when seen. This is where I discovered that a lot of people are searching for what they don’t actually know. But why? Most times it breaks my heart to watch men and women wallow in their ignorance. They tend to seek for love, yet they lose it because they don’t know what love is.

Believe me, this is more serious than you may think. Maybe you’re not a victim of this circumstance, but a lot of people are, and you can’t imagine the level of agony they pass through in the name of love.

In this case, I’m gonna say this, if you wanna find love, then you’ve got to first understand love for what it is or at least understand whatever it is that you may want, even if that may resemble love. But please don’t call it love if it’s not love.

I say this because I know so many people who just want to catch fun. Some want a financial supporter, some want sex mates, some want sugar mummies and daddy’s, and there are even those who just want a mistress. And others want husbands and wives, but in the end, all these people will tell you they’re searching for love. And this really baffles me because most of the heartbreak we incurred happened because we fail to define our relationships for what it is and make sure our partner wants the same thing as well.

Notwithstanding, my message here is for those who want to find true love. I am gonna give you just a few tips on how the magic of finding true love happens and the rest is yours to do. First, make sure you understand the true meaning of love. Just like I’ve said before, don’t delve into what you know nothing about.

Secondly, discover yourself. Self-discovery is one of the basic qualities that make one an epitome of love. Be it, man or woman, endeavor to discover who you are, what you have within and work on becoming the best you. Nothing can be more attractive than this. When you are so busy doing what you are born to do, you simply give love the opportunity to find you.

Thirdly, don’t ever search for true love. What? Are you for real? Yes, I’m for real. I mean why search for something that is wiser, stronger, and smarter than you. You know when we really claim to have found love, it’s not really us that found love, but love founds us.

Come to think of it, most times love comes and happens in odd places where, when, and how we least expect it. Doesn’t that mean a thing to you?  Love does its work in its own unique ways. That is why most times we don’t see it coming until it comes.

My best advice to those who wanna find love is to try to understand love, build your self, I mean your dreams, vision, and purpose, also work on your attitudes to prepare a better ground for love to flourish when it comes. Believe me, at some point in your life, love will find you, but will you be worthy of love when it comes? And will you even recognize love when it comes? Therefore invest your time well for love and not in love to avoid odds.

My best wishes to you is you build yourself for true love which will definitely find you.

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