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Currency Decline to continue till the next 40 years – Adeyemi

In recent years, we have seen great hardship, caused by the inflation of commercial consumables, scarcity, or the inaccessibility of these products.

The economy has suffered so much devaluation, caused by mismanagement or a shortsighted implementation of policies that hamper the growth of the nation economically.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Leader and Pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria has quoted on his Twitter handle while responding to a tweet by Statisense on the great currency decline.

N1m=$1.5m in 1981. N1m=$2600 now. The trend will continue another 40 years, deepening poverty

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Adeyemi stated that, what we need, is the coming together of all, in and out of government, to build a developed economy.

Pastor Sam noted that this great decline in the economy is likely to last till the next 40 years.

It is by this statistical observation that we can deduce why the EndSars protest turned into an End bad governance protest.

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