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CPC Set Fake Products Ablaze In Imo

As Imo state goods and services consumers continue to cry out over an increase in fake products known as China products in the market, the Acting director-general of consumers protection commissioner, Hon. Obioma Okafor Within the week in a company of her staff destroyed some hazardous products that were ceased over the years in the state.

The consumer protection commission under the headship of Hon Mrs. Obioma Okafor is committed to protecting and enhancing consumers’ interest through proper information, education, and enforcement at appropriate standards for goods and services and to promote an environment with fair and ethical trade practices.

Speaking with some group of journalists in the state, Hon. Obioma Okafor said that they have started cleansing the system that was moribund and to send signals to the producers and consumers in Imo that, “we have come to serve the consumers, it is not going to be business as usual “she said.

According to her, any fake products ceased by the commission will immediately send to destruction ground. She further noted that the CPC Imo state chapter has come to serve consumers with integrity and sincerity.

Lady Obioma also seized the opportunity to warn producers and manufacturers of goods and services in Imo to be careful of what they give to the masses. As she said, we are here to fight for the consumer’s rights because that is what we are sent to do. Some of the fake products set ablaze include expired bears, mineral, body cream, pharmaceutical items, toothpaste, baked beans, and other long expired consumable products.

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