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Covid-19: Buhari Orders Consumption Of Local Products To Boost Economy

Given the collapsing economy of Nigeria, as occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has ordered full patronage of Nigeria made goods to help build the nation’s economy and foreign exchange. Following the outbreak of the dreaded corona-virus which has been ravaging the universe, Nigeria’s economy has kept going down following the series of luck-down.

The minister of finance Zainab Ahmed while disclosing this to the House correspondents last Wednesday further revealed that the Federal Government has also assured to assist local producers in any way it can to ensure that they keep producing Nigerians consumption.

According to the minister, the Federal Government has sat up an economic stimulus committee chaired by the vice president, Osibanjo which its work centers on developing an economic stimulus plan.

The government of Nigeria has for ages, appeared to pay less or no attention to the locally produced products in Nigeria.

This, however, has to a reasonable extent discouraged producers of such goods and services. However, with the economic meltdown occasioned by Covid-19, the federal government has now resorted to a patronizing locally made goods.

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