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Congratulations Governor Hope Uzodinma,100 Days In Office!

By Kenneth Obi (the People’s Bishop)

John 10:8. All that came before me (Governor Hope Uzodinma) are thieves and robbers.”

Kudos to the People’s Governor Hope Uzodinma one hundred (100) days in office. I maintain my previous statement about Governor Hope Uzodinma’s leadership to be Divinely ordered for Imolites and will not hesitate to congratulate him again for his 100 days in office amidst Coronavirus situation and global lockdown.

People’s Governor Hope, this is an opportunity for you to prove yourself as Imolites home and Abroad plus Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) a Human Rights organization are watching as you take charge of 5,530 km (2,140 sq miles) called Imo State with over 6 million people on board, please don’t toil with their lives.

Imolites have been through a lot in the hands of former Governor’s.

Time will not permit me to talk about the challenges of Udenwa’s Redemption Agenda, the disaster of Ohakim’s clean and Green Initiative and the much-celebrated Rescue mission agenda turned self mission agenda of Rochas Okorocha.

True leadership is not position but disposition, true leadership is setting the pace and not occupying a place but about programs and visions.

From the looks of things, you will remain Governor for the next eight years, you have made enough money through politics and businesses and at your age Sir, you should be pushing for legacy and not amassing wealth.

You are very rich money wise and should begin to build systems for the next generation of young people because nobody lives here forever. I’m praying that God speaks to you when it comes to public funds which will lead to Corruption.

You have four to eight years to move from road construction to human construction, empowering young minds, listening to the cry of the poor and market your integrity or be like King Saul of the Bible.

2019 governorship election and its review have placed Imo State in the watch view of the world and I pray you understand the handwriting on the wall.

You can go ahead and get a Turban to protect yourself but remember Senator Orji Uzor Kalu in Prison, please do your best to avoid the temptation of open financial RAPE of Imo State funds like Senator T.A Orji, his Son, and his Wife did in Abia State.

Imo people are sick and tired of everyday empty political promises that we have been hearing for over 20 years, look at Ohaji and turn that area to Dubai, have a good look at the several buildings set up by Senator Rochas Okorocha in the 27 local government that has been invaded by rodents and snakes and turn them into ICT /Innovation centers and youths restiveness plus criminal activities will end.

Look at the newly opened roads within the town and surroundings and strengthen them for use by all most especially the only nonfunctional flyover bridge started by Ohakim’s administration over ten (10) years ago, the health care is gone, no functional industry to cushion the graduate in Imo State, Imolites are sick and tired of dirty environment and bad roads just the other day April 11th at Awo in Oru East LGA along Owerri road almost lost my life because of the sinkhole that damage my tire and wheel and it’s not the 1st,2nd or 3rd time.

Sir, the government is continuity and not a family business as it’s custom in Africa for our family members to be attached but let them be qualified and finally on security.

The quest for land acquisition is beyond doubt a well-thought-out occupation script acted successfully in Darfur by the Sudanese government which most likely may want to play out here. While we believe in accommodation of good people and business-minded persons in the state but with the continuous influx of terrorist herders into Imo State indicates that the government under your leadership should be careful not to cede our land to them as this may foster an existential crisis for Imolites. The level of Killings and its morbid nature which the terrorist herdsmen have perpetrated in the middle belt has factored my own analysis of the Imolites position and solutions.

Imo State is listed among other states where the pilot project would have experimented with which the federal government has voted almost 200 billion naira, while other states have said no, Imo State under your leadership is expected to say no vehemently.

Let me say that if proactive steps are not taking we may find ourselves in early dishonorable graves.

While we will not allow you to run Imo State as a sole proprietorship, we the members of Citizens for Righteousness and Social Justice (CRJ) a Human Rights organization wish you well and pray God speaks to you beyond these words, please kindly embrace true leadership and change the tide to prove yourself as ready to lead which we know you are.

Thanks again your Excellency for the 100 days Job well done amidst Coronavirus with none in Imo State.

Long live the People’s Governor Hope Uzodinma, long live the Peace and loving people of Imo State.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The People’s Bishop Kenneth Obi, Edo COGIC Prelate.

Advocate of Humanity and Social Justice, CRJ Human Rights Chairman Imo State Chapter.

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