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Cicely Tyson dead at 96

Tyler Perry has raised a Tribute to a woman he referred to as a Grandmother he never heard.

Cecily Tyson, who died at age 96 on Thursday Night, was an old friend and colleague of Tyler.

They worked together on several movies beginning with 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman as well as Why Did I Get Married?

Perry in his Instagram post wrote “I was sitting at the table working when I got this overwhelming feeling to watch Miss Jane Pittman.

I hadn’t seen the movie in years. I didn’t even understand the feeling to turn it on, but I did anyway, Not 12 minutes into the movie my phone rang. It was Oprah calling to tell me that Cicely had died.

“This one brought me to my knees! She was the grandmother I never had and the wisdom tree that I could always sit under to fill my cup”, he said.

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