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Can Uzodinma Manage The Upsurge Of Political Decampees?

By Declan Anaele

Since the re-affirmation of Senator Hope uzodinma as the Governor of Imo State and the actual winner of the march 9th Governorship election in Imo by the Supreme Court of Nigeria on January 14, 2020, the Leadership of the APC in Imo at all strata has not ceased to welcome and register decampees from other political parties.

The decampees who are mainly of the PDP extraction and heavyweights of the party have given various reasons for joining the APC.

While some have justifiable reasons, others give some flimsy reasons behind their dumping the PDP and joining the APC.

Be that as it may, the truth remains that leaving one party for another is justifiable and both democracy and the drafters of the Nigerian constitution which inculcated a multi-party system in the constitution envisaged and thought about that people may be moving from one political party to another someday.

In furtherance, a man by nature and by law is endowed with the freedom of Association, hence no one has the right to stop another from joining any political party of interest, where one feels and believes that one’s interest would be protected.

This is so given the fact that the major reason and notion behind the heart of every politician both young and old is to be able to put food on the table for the family, particularly amongst the professional politicians.

In Nigerian, it is a common feature of politicians that at any new political dispensation there is always alignments and realignments of the people from the party that is not in power to another.

This migration or movement of people from one political party to another is accompanied with some advantages as well as some disadvantages because the larger the number of persons in a particular party, the larger the advantages as well as the disadvantages particularly in this part of the world where many see politics as a profession and not as a vocation.

The burden before the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma is that of his ability to manage, maximize and control the upsurge of the decampees who recently joined the APC from other political parties particularly the main opposition party, in Imo, the PDP for the optimum good of the APC and the government.

This is paramount in that where the governor fails to manage them well, it would be to his disadvantage.

One, a personal disadvantage because his second term bid is at stake, two, to the Government and thirdly, to those who believe in him for political growth.

It is true that the more the number of the APC members increases in the state, the easier for the party to re-capture the state ahead of subsequent elections but this is not always the case.

Often people work against their political parties during elections.

This attitude and behavior are often leaders of the party who feel aggrieved that one or two of their needs were not met by the Governor in power or the government and at this point, agree with any of the prospective Governors to work for him while still in that political party.

It is absolutely impossible for any Governor in power including Governor Uzodinma to satisfy the needs of all the people that worked for them or are working for them.

A typical example was what happened during the second term ambition of Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim.

In 2011, when Ohakim wanted to do his second term, the cabals in Imo PDP contributed immensely to his failure.

Ohakim administration though short but still referred to as one of the governments that made Hundreds of thousands millionaires in Imo even as we write.

Reportedly, the Ohakim’s administration was said to have given out huge sums of money to the so-called leaders, institutions and groups to secure his second term in office, yet majority of these leaders who in their hearts believed that their needs were not met accordingly still worked for Okorocha the Governorship candidate of  All Progressives Grand Alliance then.

The funny part of this man’s wickedness to man remains that the Majority of these PDP leaders that were said to have collected money from Ohakim did not collect from Okorocha.

Former Governor Ohakim has always remembered this and cannot forget this incident until he leaves the planet.

Ohakim after that incident has always told those that cared to know that he, Ohakim has feared and would always fear that thing that has two eyes, two ears, one mouth, two legs called “Mmadu”.

This is the description given to humanity by Chief Ikedi Ohakim. It looks and sounds funny, but it is to say the least, man wickedness to man.

One of the appointees of Governor Uzodinma in our discussion after the reception of the PDP Decampees of the APC informed me that Governor Uzodinma is an experienced politician who knows what he wants at any point in time, revealing that he has the capacity to control the decampees despite their number and interests and that his submission forms my next paragraph of this piece which is an inference from the bible.

1st Kings 11.4 but king Solomon loved many foreign women as well as the daughters of Pharaoh women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edo mites, Sidonians verse 2, from the nations of whom the Lord had said to the children.

Of  Isreal, you shall not intermarry with them, turn away your hearts after their Gods ‘Solomon clung to these in love, (3) and he had seven hundred wives and princess, and three hundred concubine and his wives turned away from his heart (4) for it was so, when Solomon was old that his wives turned his heart after other gods and his heart was not loyal like his father David.

Down to verse 15, one can see how King Solomon whom the bible referred to as the wisest man finally ended his life with his kingdom divided.

In summary, we advised the Governor to be wary, painstaking in this sojourn. Yes, it is true to bring in more capable hands ahead of the next election since the present structure the CampHope may not be able to achieve victory; I read one of the Articles of Sam Onwuemedo where he was advising Governor uzodinma to expand his Camp Hope Structure to accommodate others, who may want to identify with his government.

Yes, the advice and suggestion of Mr. Onwuemedo are not out of place but he forgot to advise the governor to in the course of doing that be mindful of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, Hittites amongst others.

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