Are Cornish Rex cats cuddly?

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Are Cornish Rex cats cuddly?

Along with their curly coat and also known for their large ears, you can't find a cuter kitty than the Cornish Rex. These cats are affectionate, playful, and devoted to their humans. If you want a single cat to spend all your time with you, then the Cornish Rex may be the perfect fit.

Is a Cornish Rex a good pet?

Because they are so social and playful, Cornish Rexes make great family cats. They get along with all kinds of two- and four-legged family members.

How much is a Cornish Rex?

A Cornish Rex kitten can cost between $800 and $1,200, depending on the quality of the pedigree (pet or cat breeding quality).

What is the difference between a Cornish Rex and a Devon Rex?

The Devon Rex has some easily recognizable physical traits that make it unique from the Cornish Rex, including its large, low-set ears, very short whiskers, and slightly shorter and more muscular legs.

Do Cornish Rex like to be held?

Affectionate and generally happy to be hugged. Develops a strong attachment to his human family and will follow them around the house.

Does Cornish Rex scratch furniture?

Perhaps the most social of all cat breeds, they need constant stimulation and attention in the home. If they can't get attention from their owners or other pets, you can be sure that the Corny will scratch, tear, and bite anything to get you.

Do Cornish Rex cats need baths?

Your Cornish Rex doesn't need to be bathed, they are self-cleaning! These are cats that are generally scrupulous about their hygiene and have a very subtle or non-existent sense of smell.

Can you leave a Cornish Rex alone?

They are people and get along well with their babies and other pet owners. However, Cornish Rexes love attention from their humans, so they don't do well when left alone for long periods of time. Consider having a walking companion for your Cornish Rex, if the house is more empty.

Do Cornish Rex get along with dogs?

Because of such outgoing cats, they are great with children and other pets, including dogs. Their personalities also make them suitable for work as therapy pets.

Are Cornish Rex cats clingy?

They are extremely affectionate cats and love to be around people - so much so that they demand attention and companionship.

What is the lifespan of a Cornish Rex cat?

Between 9-13 yrs.

Are Cornish Rex good with kids?

The Cornish Rex is a very social breed. They thrive on being around people and you can also always find them in the middle of the action! They are also very intelligent and curious and love a good game of fetch. They are ideal family pets, getting along well with other pets and children.

How much does a Cornish Rex shed?

Two breeds of Rex cat are known for low shedding. Both the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex have curly, short hair that is thinner. This means they eat very little.

Why is my Cornish Rex Losing hair?

Hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is not caused by a frequent genetic defect that is inherited in many cat breeds, the patient Cornish Rex. The disease causes thinning or balding of the hair, which appears in patterns or patches on the trunk and scalp.

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