Are British Longhair cats friendly?

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Are British Longhair cats friendly?

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Is British Longhair a Persian cat?

Both types follow the same breed standard, the only difference between them being that the British Longhair has a longer and softer coat resulting from crosses with Persian cats.

How much is a British Longhair?

If you're looking for a family cat or a dedicated companion that won't be particularly needy, the British Longhair makes a great choice. British Longhair kittens from a reputable breeder usually cost between $800–$1,200.

What is the difference between British Shorthair and British Longhair?

The British Longhair is also closely related to the British Shorthair in terms of their shared history. After all, both breeds meet the same criteria and the only real difference is the long, soft coat of the British Longhair, which came about through crossbreeding with Persian cats.

How long do British Longhair cats live?

The British Longhair is perfect for indoor living due to its sedentary lifestyle. Typically, a healthy longhair will weigh 12 pounds, with an average lifespan of 18-20 years.

Are British Longhair cats hypoallergenic?

In general, long-haired cats (other than the breeds mentioned) and heavy shedders should be off-limits for allergy sufferers.

What Colour eyes do British Longhair cats have?

Ground color - even, in all areas except the lips and chin, which may be noticeably pale but should not be white. Silver color in those breeds with the silver gene. Eye Color - All colors (except Black Silver Tabby): Copper, orange or deep gold, with no trace of green.

Do British Shorthairs shed a lot?

British Shorthairs' coats are short, dense and also plush, requiring regular brushing to keep them in pristine condition. They shed moderate amounts of fur during the fall and spring seasons when molting is greatest.

What is the personality of a British Shorthair cat?

The British Shorthair is also a very pleasant cat to have as a companion. He is easygoing and calm. The British is a very loyal, loving cat and will attach itself to everyone in its family. Although the English love to play, it does not require round-the-clock attention.

How much does a British Shorthair cat cost?

A British Shorthair kitten from a popular breed will likely set you back around $950 - $1250.

Can British Shorthair breed with Persian?

Sometimes widely believed to be between 1914 and 1918, breeders began crossing British Shorthairs with Persians in an attempt to produce a long-haired kitty. The British Longhair was the result, and the breed has since developed into an extremely popular house cat!

Are British Shorthair kittens Fluffy?

If you're a fan of long coats, the result really is the best of both worlds: the loving yet independent nature of the British Shorthair, with the luxurious locks of a Persian or Angora. what's this? They are a medium-long-haired breed with a thick, fluffy coat and attractive coat configuration.

Why do British Shorthairs not like being picked up?

Picking up your British Shorthair will result in someone trying to hug them. In their view, trying to do so is tantamount to pulling their tail—uncomfortable and overly intrusive. Your kitty will wait patiently while you pet them, but picking them up and carrying them around for no reason is not welcome. Read more.....

British Longhair Cats - Everything You Need To Know