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Bishop Raises Alarm, Accuses OCDA Of Carrying Church’s Generator

Bishop of Divine Word Church, Bishop Kenneth Obi has accused, members of the Owerri Capital Development Authority of intruding inside his church and carried the church’s Generator after breaking the chain used in tieing it.

Speaking with Lead after taking our reporter around the church, Bishop Kenneth.

Obi, popularly known as peoples Bishop wondered how a Government Agency would break into the House of the Lord only to carry the Generator set adding that if the Agency does not return the Generator immediately he would take legal action against them.

In his submission, one of the Elders in the church, Elder Richard lamented over the action of the men of OCDA pointing out that the said people after breaking into the compound, complained that the said two-storey building, Housing the church, as well as the Bishop and elders of the church, did not pass the integrity test, a test which according to him is carried out at the foundational level.

While the church in question has been in existence for the past five years.

He further queried the rationale behind carrying the church’s generator when they said they only came on integrity test.

Describing their action as criminal Elder Richard called on the leadership of the OCDA to checkmate the activities of their employees to avert embarrassing members of the public.

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