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Bishop Obi Condemns Seat At Home Without Provision In Imo

Bishop Kenneth Obi (The Peoples Bishop) has condemned the closure of markets ordered by Imo State Government over the dreaded Corona Virus epidemic without adequate provision for the well-being of Imo people.

This is even as he condemned the presidential directives. Urging Nigerians to seat at home temporarily over same scourge Bishop Kenneth Obi disclosed this in Owerri yesterday while chatting with Owerri based Journalists.

Bishop Obi popularly addressed as Peoples Bishop revealed that if Nigeria’s Government wants to emulate its foreign counterparts by declaring ‘seat at home’ over the epidemic that it should also put measures in place to provide for the people while the seat at home progresses.

The Nigerian Government has ordered for a seat at home order over the Corona Virus scourge.
In the same vein, the Imo State Government ordered the closure of major markets, religious activities, burials, pending when the permanent solution over the COVID 19 is achieved.

However, the said order by the Government has brought about untold hardship in the state as the sellers of various foodstuffs now inflated the prices.

According to Bishop Obi, a senior pastor at Divine word International Church of God in Christ an activist who has spent many years abroad noted that the government of Nigeria and Imo State should consider the implications of the said order before embarking on such pointing out that Government should as a matter of urgency set up a committee that would checkmate the activities of sellers of the various food items at the various markets to stop them from extorting people in the name of COVID-19.

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