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Biafra: Kanu Describes Uwazuruike As Saboteur Says IPOB Can Achieve Sovereignty Without Him

Leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kano has called on Ralph Uwazuruike the leader of MASSOB to desist from sabotaging the efforts of the IPOB in realizing the sovereign state of Biafra.

This is even as he informed him that with or without him, the agitation for the independence of Biafra would soon be realized.

Kanu who accused Uwazuruike of paying $2,000 to smuggle a letter to the Unrepresented Nations and peoples Organization (UNPO) in Haguc Netherlands, described the action of Uwazuruike as belittling the efforts of IPOB in Biafran realization before the recognized Organizations and institutions.

Kanu who disclosed this on Radio Biafra revealed that Biafra already has got the attention of the relevant authorities like the United Nations organization, AU amongst others wondered why Uwazuruike should struggle to get recognition of a non-popular organization to assist in championing the struggle of Biafra which almost has come through.

Describing Uwazuruike as a failure in the Biafra struggle who is seeking relevance, Kanu noted that sooner than later, the Biafra sovereignty would be achieved and realized.

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