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Benefit Of Consistency Cum Strict Adherence: Omeogo Na Orlu Example

By Dr. Basil Ekweke 07037591415, Peter Dibia 08137847696

The CampHope organization worldwide was a baby which has metamorphosed and nurtured to maturity under the visionary leadership of Hon. Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu, Omeogo na Orlu Gburugburu, is today a typical example of the benefit of consistency and adherence to the course of a father figure, with the desire of actualizing a set objective.

Omeogo hatched the vision of Camp Hope Organization Worldwide, even when no one dreamt of their  Principal Most Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma becoming the Governor of Imo State. Canice Moore Nwachukwu, a man of vision and valor relentlessly gathered men and women from far and wide, preaching to them of a better tomorrow, through Hope Uzodinma (Onwa Oyoko). His preachment became complemented by the good welfare treatment of Onwa Oyoko to all his followers.

More often than not,  it is rare to come across a political Allies in our country Nigeria who are steadfast, Loyal, Productive, Committed and Resolutely Reliable to a particular Political Leader or set of Followers, even at very traumatizing and critically challenging moments. CampHope is one of such allies.

You can agree with me,  that there are only a few persons whose loyalty and commitment can be sustained or guaranteed when the going gets tough with seemingly little or no promise of immediate material benefits insight. But that is the kind of man we have seen in Hon. High Chief Canice Moore  Nwachukwu, popularly addressed as Omeogo na Orlu, Ogbaturuenyi Igbo land particularly with regards to the enthronement of the Prosperity Government in Imo State under the headship of Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodimma; Onwa Imo and the powerful CampHope Organization Worldwide, to which Hon. High Chief Omeogo is the Global General Overseer.

Each and every one of its members felt comfortable in the hands of their Principal because of his care for them. Being a man with a large heart, Onwa Oyoko could solve almost every problem presented to him by his followers. 

However, the Camp Hope members must remain grateful to that man who coordinated the camp and always gave them hope for a better tomorrow. Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu, Omeogo na Orlu, like the biblical Abraham, had hope even when hope was almost lost. He continued to encourage his members to persevere, for the future was bright. Those who had faith followed him to remain in the Camp, whereas the faithless ones left. Today, that bright future is here with us. The dream of Omeogo Uwadum has materialized, with the crowning glory of leading Most Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma (Onwa Oyoko) as  the Governor of Imo State.

Alas, the ensuing benefits. Apart from CampHope members appointed to the cabinet of Governor Hope Uzodinma, majority of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) Chairmen, sworn in recently, to man the affairs of Local Governments in the state, are of the Camp Hope structure.

Most of the IMC members, now sworn in for the 27 Local Government Areas, are also of the Camp Hope Structure. In fact, the Governor Most Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma has demonstrated that there is dignity in consistency and strict adherence. He has shown that one can benefit by being steadfast in a course one believes in and pursues without wavering.

The Camp Hope members must, therefore, be grateful, first to Hon. Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu, Omeogo na Ala Igbo, for giving them hope to fire on, and then to His Excellency Governor Hope Odidika Uzodinma (Onwa Oyoko), for rewarding them for their consistency and faith in him.

Today in our write up we decided to put the record straight, when he advised other groups trying to claim credit for installing Governor Uzodinma to rather show gratitude to the Camp Hope Organization, without which efforts, prayers, and persistence, the dream of the governorship of their Principal could not have been actualized today. We also made it clear that it was the vision of one man called Canice Moore Nwachukwu that provided the catalyst that pulled people together and infused in them the spirit of strong faith that Hope must surely become Governor of Imo State one day.

 Omeogo campaigned everywhere both within and outside the country, forming Camp Hope Chapters in most countries of the world. He made people develop so much interest in the project that prompted them to support the movement both in cash and in-kind.

The joy today, however, is that the man they supported and projected Most Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma (Onwa Oyoko), has shown to them so much appreciation, by fixing them in his government at the State and Local Government levels.

It is certain that not all of them might be accommodated immediately, but it is obvious that with his large heart, the Governor would certainly extend the same favor to almost all of them, as long as he remains in government.

Hon. Chief Canice Moore Nwachukwu, Omeogo Uwa Gburugburu, you are an enigma when it comes to building faith in people. Your efforts have not been in vain and your name will certainly be written in gold in the annals of the history of Imo State.

  “Indeed politic is about CONSISTENCY “

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