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Another Minute Silence! Tribute To A Legend! Where Are Thou Brother?

Adieu Ndubuisi Emenike, “ototonwa”!

The Senatorial candidate of AA for Imo North! May your generation be blessed. What happened? Why were there tears in the midst of Joy and acclamation? Why was our light turned into abrupt darkness in a jiffy? In a twinkle of an eye? The giant in the sun of Okigwe youths got missing in action?

Days of the storm over us have passed. We are still asking, Oh brother Emenike, where goeth thou? It was bad news indeed. It was very unacceptable. It was not the wish of this generation to miss a passionate, vision bearer, a man with heart of gold, a caregiver, motivator, the engine of innovation and inspiration, the illustrious son of Okigwe zone, who was on his way to make a mark on the sands of time. The battle-axe for the youths, it is unbelievable, to say you are gone. No.

You are not gone. Your legacy of love, care and concern for the sick, the elderly, the physically challenged, your immediate environment is a fuel that spurs us all to positive action. It is unacceptable, the thought of your sudden departure courtesy of the hand of a careless gun holder.

What can I say, what do I do? Where do I go? How many buckets of tears will I shed to wake up my good brother, good friend, good Comrade good patriot? You taught your generation that Charles C. Noble opined that “You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures. That with Dr Chris, “Keeping your thoughts on the failures of yesterday starves today’s seed of the nourishment. They need to grow in order to produce tomorrow’s Harvest”, With Walter Winchell, A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out”. Brother Emenike Ndubuisi did walk in various hospital wards to console and to encourage helpless patients when their loved ones did walk out on them. He did not abandon them. He fed them, cared for them and loved them.

Oh, brother and Honourable son of the Okigwe and Imo Soil, YOU ARE AND REMAINETH VALUABLE TO humanity. Like the 1986 American challenger that crashed mid-way to outer space, you are leading your generation into the future and this generation will continue to follow you. YOU ARE VALUABLE.

According to Dr Chris (January – March 2013 our Daily Manna) page 74, “Mr Henry Long – fellow, a great American poet/writer, who was also a lecturer at Harvard University could take a worthless sheet of paper, write a poem on it, and make it worth $6,000. That is a genius Mr Rock feller could sign his name to a piece of paper and make it worth millions. That is capital Uncle Sam (initials U.S is a common informal name of the American government) can take gold, stamp an eagle on it and make it worth & 20 or more. That is money. A mechanic takes material worth $5 and make an article worth $50.00. That is skill. An artist can take a fifty-cent piece of canvas, paint a picture on it, and make it worth $1,000. That is art. God can take a worthless, sinful life, wash it in the Blood of Jesus. Put his spirit in it, and make it a Blessing to Humanity. That is salvation. Brother EmenikeNdubuike is a Blessing to Humanity because he impacted his world. He worked his talk.

Ladies and gentle Ndi Imo and great brothers and sisters in Okigwe zone, I am addressing those of my audience in my column. Reporters Diary diplomats Pen. I’ve devoted this time and this article to the Imolite, this Nigerian, this unique African who made a difference while there was life. I am celebrating a man of courage.

A man who refused to be discouraged in his vision to transform his constituency or his Senatorial district of Okigwe North. I am here to honour a giant and catalyst of social progress. He saw all men as people united not only by the colour of their skin but by historical and Scio-cultural heritage. Okigwe is a special zone that has produced eminent men and women. His Excellency, Ambassador Dr Emeka Echeruo (Late) cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Our brother Emenike stood for “a society where what is most important is not money, but values. This generation of his is committed to this vision and part of the strategies towards its attainment is to ensure that men and women of impeccable character and great accomplishments take the centre stage of the good name left by Dee Sam Onunaka Mbakwe (PhD) of the blessed memory. These will be the people humanity can beat their chest anywhere, any day and present as models of OKIGWE HERITAGE. They are people with whom Okigwe can substantiate their claim that OKIGWE IS BEAUTIFUL! EMENIKERemaineth a National Monument. “How are the mighty fallen?”

Did they call it accidental discharge or whatever? I do submit that pulling that wicked Trigger was not the best. It was unfair. It was cruel. It was not friendly. It pains. It aches. It nauseates. It pulled out tears from Emenike’s million fans. Oh, brother, your fans share with what Sir EmekaOffor penned for his late wife Joy Ukachi, “Grief is not easy. It is hard on the heart, the mind and the soul particularly when you lose one, you have so dearly loved. My (our hearts) is heavy but my (our) faith is strong. The youth’s faith lies in the memories that you so generously left for them. You were a visionary master planner and executor. “Your faith in God, your passion for the youth’s wellbeing in Okigwe, Commitment to social welfare and responsibilities, and your innate dexterity for building bridges were very humbling as well as infectious”.

Oh Brother EmenikeNdubuisi, you were always there for Okigwe youths, widows and the physically challenged. To the youths and to the men and women of goodwill, to the beloved sisters, brother, numerous friends and well-wishers, Emenike has these lines to share with you.

“Life at best is very brief, as the fallen of a leaf be in time. If in sin you no longer roam, you may find no open gate, And your cry be just too late in time, be in time. The world is a stage. You play your part and leave.

Dr NnamdiAzikiwe, the Owelle of Onitsha opined: one day, one day, we must vacate, this bounteous earth and travel to the world beyond our kin. Our weak frame shall blend with six feet of terrain. OTOTONWA: THINKER, INSPIRER, MOTIVATOR, Adieu.

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