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….Imo Speaker Replies Duruji  

…Others Have No Cert Issue- Cttee To Chiji

The least is yet to be heard over the allegation that the speaker Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins forged his certificate which he submitted to both INEC and the party during the election as well as excempted himself from attending the National yotuhs Service Corp when he was below twenty five years, which is contrary to the law establishing the NYSC.

The issue which had appeared before the Imo State House of  Assembly was commited to a committee for investigation until recently, one of the former House of Assembly member, Lawman Duruji brought it up into limelight.

The Speaker Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins has said his position is not under any threat following the issues surrounding the authenticity of his educational certificates.

He stated this to newsmen weekend while reacting to allegations made by his former colleague, Hon. Lawman Duruji, who accused him of parading fake certificates and should be probed.

Duruji also accused the Speaker of lobbying to persuade the Committee set up to investigate his certificates status, to avert justice on the issue; insisting that such attempts would not save him from the impending doom soon.

He said, “Quote me, Chiji parades fake credentials, his PhD is fake and he also forged NYSC exemption certificate. Why has he refused to publish his certificate for public scrutiny? No amount of delay tactics and intimidation can save him this time.”

But Chiji Collins insisted that all his certificates are verifiable and that none of his credentials is under investigation by the Committee of House.

According to him, the National Youths Service Corps, NYSC has also cleared him on the said allegations, and challenged his opponents to take him to court if they feel otherwise.

He said, “My educational certificate has been in the public domain since 1992 when I ran for the senate, verifiable and the whole world has gone to pick it up. The University I attended, Nigerians are still there till tomorrow. So the school I went is not a hidden school.

“Again, I never schooled in Nigeria. I schooled overseas for my first degree and second degree and up to PHD. And I have tendered my certificates.

“Lawman said I did HND at Abia State University before I went abroad. Also, he said my NYSC certificate was fake.

“I went to the NYSC Director and say this is my file number, this is when I was called, this is the man in charge when i came. The man was shocked. I said Oga, ‘no be you issued this certificate’ and he said we issued it. Also, the legal man there said, ‘no no no, we are not arguing that, it was issued by us.”

He continued, “If Duruji is saying that the certificates I tendered are fake, he should bring the original one. If he says I forged certificates, he should go to court and prove his case.

“When this story emerged last year, I staked $100,000 for anyone that will prove that my certificates are fake. And I still stand by it because nobody has come out since that time to substantiate such spurious allegations”.

The Speaker also debunked that no Committee was specifically set up by the House to investigate his certificate, saying that the committee was instead set up to probe the certificates of the entire House members.

But reacting, Duruji said that neither NYSC nor the House Committee has exonerated Chiji from the certificate saga, stressing that the Speaker was only telling lies to cover up his criminal act of forgery.

The ex lawmaker said, “Chiji Collins is a serial liar. Nobody has exonerated him. You can call any of the Committee members to confirm this. Also, I can authoritatively tell you that soon, NYSC will take him to court for his crime.

“It is just a matter of time, but i bet him, he will not escape impeachment at the end of it. I expect him to have tendered his resignation letter now that his crime is about to be uncovered. If not he must be disgraced out of the House as both the Speaker and member representing Isiala Mbano in the assembly.”

Meanwhile, our reporter gathered that Chiagozie Nwaneri, the committee Chairman had at the House plenary held on 23rd April, informed the House that the Committee has not been able to locate or establish correspondence with the Speaker’s said University, six months after the committee was inaugurated and asked for more time to further their investigation.

Also, one of the Committee members who spoke to our reporter on basis of anonymity said that there is no truth about the Committee exonerating the Speaker over his credentials.

“That matter came up at the floor of the House on 23rd of April, where we told Speaker and other members of the House that matter under investigation is still on. So if Speaker went and said that the Committee has cleared him or that no committee is looking into that matter, it is a lie.” our source said.

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