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A united Nigeria still remains our best alternative – Hashim

Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, the presidential candidate for the Peoples Trust in the 2019 general elections, , has said despite the frustrating circumstances, plaguing the nation, a united Nigeria still remains the best alternative.

Hashim disclosed his opinion in an interview with news men in Abuja on Tuesday, where he appealed to all and sundry to join hands to win the temptations of secession looming in various factions of the country.


He said, “The truth must be told that despite the increasingly frustrating realities in Nigeria, a united Nigeria still remains our best alternative.

“Separatist advocacies are always ever seductive during moment of crisis but they never deliver good results afterwards.

“Ask the people of Southern Sudan. After about 30 years’ war they seceded from Sudan, they are still embroiled in factional wars among their leaders.


“Despite their oil wealth, their people are still savouring in poverty and the GDP of their economy is lower than that of Ogun State.”

Olawepo-Hashim argued that ethnic or regional homogeneity of a state did not necessarily guarantee peace.

Instance of countries like Somalia, a predominantly Muslim country with one language but embroiled in unending war for over 30 years was brought to study.

He also cited Ireland which he opined was just trying to com out from internal division, where a predominantly Christian country has been divided along denominational lines of Protestants and Catholics.


Stating, that separatism and division does not bring justice, Hashim emphasized, only good governance, around policies and fear of God could ensure justice in the polity.

He said, “The founding fathers of our Republic in the Lancaster conference of 1957/58, agreed on a Nigerian state which is indivisible and should exist in perpetuity.

Any group of persons who claim otherwise must have their positions re-examined because they are at variance with solid historical records.

“I quite agree that there is frustration in the land as a result of the problems which over-centralization of powers in the hands of the Federal Government has caused since the unfortunate military coup of 1966.”

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