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21st Century Innovators And Vision Bearers…


By Chinyochaobi Israel Uhuegbu- 08137921022

Once upon an era, there comes a development model. Here is one of them. NEMA stands for the National Emergency Management Agency, responsible for the management of National Emergency situations. ADF – the AMAUKWU DEVELOPMENT FORUM is an Innovation that is purely Community based. Critical situations require the application of appropriate responses. It calls for positive thinking out of the box by a good management team. A good management team calls for pro-active leadership.

As one takes a closer look at the pages of our news tabloids, one is amazed to see a good number of spontaneous COVID-19 palliative responses from individuals or groups that are acting because the means are there. Raising the necessary funds poses no problems for them. There are others who simply come together to strategize on the way forward-thinking out of the box, to overcome obstacles on their way to positive achievements. ADF-Amaukwu Orodo falls into category this line.

A mere phone call or Teleconferencing by a group of seventeen passionate citizens of that Community did change the hunger narratives of their less privileged Citizens. Thanks to a pro-active leadership of ADF under CSP (Rtd) Chinedu C. Iwuozo, Innovator, creative thinker, passionate, Godfearing, and lover of his Community.

Anver versi in his Right and Wrong Skill-Sets,” African Business July 2008 page 13 stated “in soccer or other sports competitions, it is very easy to monitor performance.

First, there are clear results-you win, lose or draw. Second, each performance is carried out openly. It is all transparent, you see who did what with what result”. One thing is to send in relief or palliative materials or items, another thing is to ensure its fair distribution to get to the target receptors of the food items.

ADF started first and foremost her policy direction or modus operandi of how to share the palliatives. 1st and foremost, the sharing must be done on a given time frame, 13 hours (1 pm) in all the Nine villages of Amaukwu Orodo Autonomous Community. Any Community that fails to carry out those instructions should be prepared to be sanctioned. Secondly, each village will devise its hitch-free method of sharing, otherwise, the sharing should be done PRO-RATA. Whereby this does not flow, villages should resort to the kindred by kindred option. Thirdly, the sharing must be monitored by a team.

In that case, As I did mention in the first outing of this piece of work, the monitoring team was led by current ADF chairman CSP (Rtd) Chinedu C. Iwuozo, with Chief Barr. Engr. Amah SC, (Ikeoha), Chairman distribution Committee, Pst. Jarlat Onuegbu, Hon. Chief Engr Bethram Mbah (Akaraugo), Chief Bernard Ezuruike, the outstanding and tireless vice president general Amaukwu United Association, (A.U.A), Apostle Paul Omere, Surv. Nick Iwuozo, Prince Israel Joe-Uhuegbu, Secretary-general A.U.A, Evang Oluebube, among others not mentioned here.

This is an effective model that meets international best practices. United Nations sustainable grass root development will only be possible when efforts are made to ensure the targeted grass root people are captured. The very grassroots citizens of Amaukwu Orodo who got the relief food items expressed happiness for a job well done by the organizers of this unique outing.

I am a product or a student of a sustainable development Economics, that do not share the view that development must follow a stated policy; instead of new thinking and new ideas as a way of rapid development. For me, I do believe in Professor Ogbimi of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ie’s dictum,” One who has learned something new is transformed from an undesirable status into a desirable status. One who cannot read or write may be transformed to read and write and be transformed.

ADF has made us acquire new knowledge on how to ensure the effective distribution of relief items to the grassroots people. This idea or innovative steps should be adopted by the handlers various Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of this Nation. This is what is referred to as THE COMPETENCE BUILDING GROWTH.  (C.B.G). Policy and strategy. It worked.

Another Innovative policy was that of sharing of the Palliatives without discrimination: sharing should not be, being a member of our family, Community meetings; one not contributing or do not contributing to Community Development or being a member of church X.Y.Z. or being indigene or nonindigene. All strangers in their midst must get a fair share of the goodies. The ministers of God in their midst must be partakers of the palliatives. No mention of political party A.B.C. All men are equal,  be he or she, a mad person or a vagabond. The food must get to them. This singular Innovative policy will guide the future distribution of food items.

As I have previously stated, the speed at which the Amaukwu illustrious sons from the global community rallied around enough funds to bring succor to their kit and kin in Amaukwu Community was worth celebrating and worth commendation.

ADF is setting the pace. They blazed the trail at the community level and have raised necessary consciousness that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The Forum is a harvest of Technocrats, administrators per excellence, vision bearers, thinkers, idealists, and 21st-century innovators.

The flag-off of the distribution of the food items to the needy to mitigate the hardship occasioned by lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus show-cased Amaukwu’s leadership potentials in the Committee of 34 Autonomous Communities of Mbaitoli L.G.A.of Imo State.

The entire Community of Amaukwu stands shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee in humble supplications to the Almighty father to preserve and to protect the Amaukwu citizens, their friends and families and for God to replenish their pockets a hundredfold. Their goodness did touch the elders of Amaukwu, the fatherless and motherless children, the physically challenged, the poor and the needy, the strangers, the missionaries in our Community.

This can-do spirit of our illustrious citizens has emboldened our confidence-building mechanism which demanded a great deal of creativity alongside internal discipline that enabled the ADF. G-17 to think out of the box. I do commend their courage and creativity to the face of the extremely difficult situations of now.

May God Almighty continue to guide all their steps and to keep them safe at all times

To God be the glory

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