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2023:Omenuko calls for president with human capital development and skills

…Says citizens future at risk sithout Such

One of the 2019 Governorship aspirants in Imo, Dr Iroegbu Njoku has called on Nigerians to elect a president with human capital development initiative to run the affairs of the nation to take over from the incumbent in the 2023 elections.

This is even as he posited that the future of the citizens of the Country is in danger if a person without the human capital development know how is elected as the next president of the nation.

In a release signed by Iroegbu Njoku himself and made available to Lead Newspapers, the United Kingdom trained Technocrat revealed that no nation or country succeeds economically without investing on human capital development.

In the said release, Dr Njoku popularly known and addressed as Omenuko, a chieftaincy title given to him years back by the entire Traditional Rulers of Mbutu Mbaise  called on the electorates to begin now to assess all the people aspiring for the 2023 presidency to ascertain any of them endowed with human capital development prowess pointing out that where such a person takes over the leadership of the nation, poverty, insecurity amongst other vices beleaguering the nation Nigeria, would become a thing of the past.

“Many Nigerians today are lavishing in high level of poverty. This level of poverty has contributed heavily to the growing level of insecurity in their lives and property across the country,” he said According to him,these two issues are some of the resultant effects of the many years of collective abandonment of the need to invest in the human capital of this great nation.

Defining human capital development as the stock of knowledge, skills, know-how and other acquired personal attributes that are useful in the production process of any economy, he revealed that investment in human capital is very important as this is directly proportional to productivity and profitability of any economy.

“No great nation achieves economic development without first improving its capacity to become more productive and profitable. Productivity is dependent not only on physical infrastructure and economic policies but on the capability and culture of the people to constructively use these vectors to increase and sustain high productivity and profitability. This is the reason why it is a no brainier to invest in the people as we seek to create economic prosperity.

Without a huge investment in the human capital of Nigeria, Nigeria as a nation will keep struggling to achieve economic prosperity and ultimately the fight against insecurity and poverty would lead to nothing. A good example of this is, having a cold shower as a cure to malaria fever rather than tackling the illness that is causing the fever.

This can only provide a temporary fix. Due to the gaps in human capital development, it will require more than one tenure of government to make up for the deficit. Hence the incoming administration will need to invest heavily in this area as well as the administration after it.

It therefore beholds on us Nigerians to begin now to make a case for the need for Nigerians to elect a president that has an unshakable belief in human capital development in the next general elections.

Recently, one of the former presidents of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Babangida prescribed selection criteria for picking the next president of Nigeria.

 In my opinion, his criteria are excellent and if adhered to, could produce a great leader for our country.

 Following the recent interview with the former president, a brilliant list of very high profile Nigerians were pooled together for consideration ahead of   2023 Presidency.

I believe that we must not forget to examine the track records of these great Nigerians with regards to their interests in human capital development as an indicator of their belief in the value of the people.

Failure to do so could lead to more years of insecurity and poverty for Nigerians and could even lead to the breakup of the country.

Hence, it is fair to say that our country is in a fragile state considering the level of insecurity and poverty coupled with low productivity and high population growth. I would like to conclude by saying that it will be catastrophic to elect a leader who would ignore the growing need for human capital investment across the country.” Omenuko concludes.

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